Stuart White

‘Sir Stuart, White Knight and GIF Jedi. Part of the Rebel Alliance. Emperor of #WriteMentor. Writing Padawan. Currently going Solo.’ This bio is a Rogue One.

Announcing the winners of WriteMentor Novel in Development Award 2022

WriteMentor Hub 2022 Writer in Residence Rashmi Sirdeshpande shares how to overcome writers block

#WMPitch Below are our usual instructions for #WMPitch – they are similar to many other pitching contests on Twitter. But …

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Lorna Hemingway, literary agent at Bell Lomax Moreton, gives her insights and advice about submitting your Picture Book manuscript

Chloe Seager, literary agent at Madeleine Milburn, gives her insights and advice about submitting your manuscript

WriteMentor Writer-in-Residence and Picture Book author Rashmi Sirdeshpande urges writers to focus on passes, not rejections

WriteEvents Everything you always wanted to know about book events but were afraid to ask Tutors: Clare Helen Welsh and …

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Within our community, writers constantly work hard behind the scenes (over and above their own writing) to help in various …

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WriteMentor coffee break reads

Read WriteMentor’s coffee break reads blog post of how to structure your story.

862 applicants. 64 mentors. 4 months of mentoring. 2 weeks of deliberation. 1 agent showcase.

It’s time to announce the 2021 mentor-mentee pairings!

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