WriteMentor Novel-in-Development Award 2021: THE LONGLIST

We were so excited to launch this new award for children’s novel writers, where they could dip their toe in the water with manuscripts that were still in progress, either unfinished, or perhaps in first or early draft stage.

And YOU have not disappointed with the standard of the stories sent to us – so good, we had to do an extra round of reading to get the longlist down to a sensible number!

We received a total of 398 entries in the end with 33 Chapter Books, 202 Middle Grade, 49 Teen and 80 Young Adult.

233 were works in progress and 165 were completed novels.

If you elected for feedback, this will be emailed to you over the course of the next week. Please check junk/spam before emailing to ask about this. We will email ALL feedback this week, even if your novel is still in contention.

And finally, I’d like to say a HUGE thanks to all of you for entering, and once again, showing huge faith and loyalty to us and our opportunities. You are at the forefront of our mind with all we do, and to launch a new award and have 400 entries is so pleasing for us, as we’re able to (hopefully) give you all a boost and help you finish that WiP!

A final word on feedback: while the adult readers have been very balanced in their feedback, the kid readers, as always, have been BRUTALLY honest. Try not to take anything personal – they are simply judging the words, not you – and dig deep into how you can use their feedback to improve your work rather than feeling deflated. As I say, our adults have been constructive, as much as possible, and we hope their feedback will be gentler for you.

Keep writing, keep working hard and keep improving! And remember there’s always more opportunities round the corner, with us, and many of the other wonderful organisations that cater for children’s writers!

Good luck everyone, and May the Force be with you!

If your title appears on the longlist below, please note that we judge anonymously, so do not tweet and refer to your story title – you CAN mention you have a title on here, but not the specific name.


Here are the titles (in alphabetical order) on the LONGLIST:

A Skulk of Wraiths
Extra Ordinary
Freya Zombie Slayer
Grace Weaver and the Other Kingdom
How I Got Cursed
Saving the Silver Willow
Sheep Number Four
Susie Swann Has Come Undone
The Barnacle Tree
The Burning
The Crows of St Aubin
The Living Goddess and the Pirate Queen
The Memory Maker’s Apprentice
The Memory Tree
The Picture House
The Playground Dwellers
The Stone Circles
The Umbrella Man
The Windkeeper’s Daughter
This Is Not A Love Song
Throw like a Girl

These titles will be subject to more reading before a shortlist is produced and sent to our agent judge Christabel McKinley.


We also asked readers to note down their favourites (if they had any) during the process and we’re going to publish those below. Again, all anonymous, but you CAN mention your title if it features here as long as it’s not on the longlist and no longer under consideration.

(If your title appears twice, it means 2 readers choose it as their favourite).

A Chain of Wishes
A Leopard in No Man’s Land
A Skulk of Wraiths
A Skulk of Wraiths
A Tree Grows Here
All the Red Leaves
Bacon Grief
Bad to the Bone
Daisy and the Mammoths
Dark Horse
Delaney’s Field Guide to the English
Five Easy Ways
Florence Papillon and the Luna Park Bandits
For the Love of Nick
Grace Weaver and the Other Kingdom
Hadley and the Time Thief
Harry Hart and the Farts of Doom
Hero and the Hungry House
Hero and the Hungry House
How I Got Cursed
If Words Could Fly
Joe With An E
Losing Litha
Melting Walls
Mireya and the Moon Pearl
Orla Brewer’s Ghost Dose
Pearl Twist’s Magical Life
Princess Paws and the Luxury Fish Gang
Quinn of Aquesta and the Diamond Knights 
Rebels without hearts
Right Place, Wrong Time
Sephy Blast and the Diamond of Druzella
Sheep Number 4
Small World and the Missing Alberts
Susie Swann has come undone
The Afterlife of Juniper Quick
The Alphabet Arsonist
The Boy in the Shadows
The Boy Who Loved Cooking Bugs
The Calling
The Cinderman
The Crows of St Aubin
The Demon’s Apprentice
The Dragon’s Tooth
The Garden Witches & the Stink of the Town
The Globe Keeper
The Goat, The Prince and The Cheesemaker’s Daughter
The Gorgon and the Greenhouse
The Haunting of Sally Spillane
The Lost Resort
The Memory Tree
The Midnight Horse
The Mystery of Doggo Next Door
The Night Train and the Engine of Souls
The Nightmare Thesis
The Park Phantastic
The Poison House
The Projectionist
The Sea Lord’s Curse
The Stone Seer
The Summer it all Started
The Time Out Club
The Tiny Crab who Lived in my ear
The Trident Tree
The Unraveling of James Hayward
The Windkeeper’s Daughter
Throw Like a Girl
Time Keeper
Two by Two
Vanishing Point
Willa the Wizard
Witches of Water

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