Mentoring Programmes

WriteMentor have two main mentoring programmes.

  • Summer Mentoring (free programme with volunteer mentors)
  • Spark Mentoring (paid programme)

The Summer Mentoring programme was set up in 2018, and involves writers with completed manuscripts who are about to query agents, working with a more experienced writer to improve the manuscript and give it a better chance when sending it to agents. But the programme’s real value is way deeper than superficial outcomes, and we focus very much upon the process of novel writing and storytelling and hope that mentees finish the programme with a better understanding of both, so the benefits are beyond one manuscript, for a lifetime of writing novels.

The usual approximate dates are as follows (please check the page for each specific year):

  • Mentor Applications (February)
  • Mentee Applications (April)
  • Mentoring period (May – Aug)
  • Agent showcase (September).

Our Spark Mentoring programme is a tiered, paid for mentoring programme, where you, the writer, gets a choice in mentor. More details below:

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