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writementor success story: Louise Finch

After a degree in Art History turned out to be even less useful than predicted, Louise Finch fell into the charity sector and has stayed there for over a decade. […]

Writementor success story: Clare Harlow

Clare Harlow first heard about WriteMentor in 2018 as she was preparing to send her Young Adult fantasy out into the world. She was in an okay place with […]

Writementor success story: Emily Kenny

Author Emily Kenny describes her experience of WriteMentor’s Spark programme, Writing Weekends, and Aisha Bushby’s Preparing for Submission course.

writementor success story: becky wilson

Becky Wilson was a mentee on WriteMentor’s 2020 summer mentoring programme, where she received writing and editorial support on her Picture Book from author Jon Cox. Becky shares her […]

Writementor success story: gina gonzales

What made you apply for the WriteMentor programme? I had seen some WriteMentor posts on Facebook, and it looked like a welcoming community that really cared about the mental health of […]

WriteMentor Success Story: Anushi Mehta

WriteMentor Spark is a monthly, online one-to-one mentoring service. Working with a children’s author, writers receive ongoing developmental editing, writing advice, publishing insights, and direct feedback on their manuscript […]

WriteMentor success story: Lorraine Hawley

When Lorraine Hawley’s critique partner Dani Camarena joined WriteMentor and loved the summer mentoring program, Lorraine decided to follow along with her journey – and found the community camaraderie […]


Jess Birch was a 2020 WriteMentor mentee, who worked with author Louisa Reid on her Young Adult retelling of Macbeth, Lady Em. Originally written in 154 sonnets, Louisa helped […]

writementor success story: Ravena Guron

Ravena Guron was born in London, went to school in London, went to university in London and now works in London. She has a degree in Biochemistry but soon […]

WriteMentor success story: Tess James-Mackey

Tess James-Mackey spent years mucking out horses, getting trampled on by horses, and finally realising she might prefer a less precarious office job. Between analysing insurance risk, she writes […]

WriteMentor success story: Dana Faletti

Dana Faletti has always been a writer. Growing up in Pittsburgh, she wrote poetry endlessly and wrote her first novel – a romance – while in high school. In […]

PB AWARD Winner SOPHIA PAYNE: my WMCNA experience

We asked 2020 Picture Book Award Winner, Sophia Payne, to reflect on her experience with the award, and what has happened since… It was a friend in my critique […]

Writementor success story: Piu Das Gupta

Piu Das Gupta is a British Indian writer currently living in Paris. She was born in Kolkata and grew up in Croydon, spending time in London and Oxford along the […]

writementor success story: amy borg

After being long listed for the WriteMentor Children’s Novel Award, Amy Borg took part in the WriteMentor 2019 summer mentoring programme where she worked on her Young Adult fantasy […]


From WriteMentor mentee to agented author, read how Krystle Brantzeg shaped her Young Adult contemporary romance manuscript with the help of author Brandy Woods Snow.


Read about his WriteMentor journey, from programme application to literary representation. What made you apply for the WriteMentor programme? Last year, Words and Pictures magazine announced their January ’21 […]

WriteMentor success story: Dale Hannah

Author Dale Hannah was a mentee on WriteMentor’s summer mentoring programme who worked his Middle Grade novel with the help of mentor Emily Critchley. Dale is now represented by Lynnette […]

WriteMentor success story: Carrie Beamer

Based in the United States, Carrie Beamer was a mentee on WriteMentor’s summer mentoring programme who worked on her historical Young Adult novel with the help of author Sarah Barkoff […]

WriteMentor Success Story: Natasha Holmes

Natasha Holmes was a mentee on WriteMentor’s summer mentoring programme. During the programme, she edited her upper Middle Grade novel THE CHANGELING with the help of author Emma Finlayson-Palmer, […]

#WriteMentor Success Stories – Camilla Chester

What made you want to get involved in the WriteMentor Spark programme? My SCBWI critique group was no longer meeting to review work regularly, but one of the members […]

#WriteMentor Success Stories – Kari Veenstra

Recently, we spoke with 2018 mentee, Kari Veenstra, about her latest announcement of a publication deal and what’s happened before and since. Tell us a little about you and […]

#WriteMentor Success Stories – AJ Vanderhorst

We welcome 2018 mentee, AJ Vanderhorst, to chat about his #WriteMentor experience and his recent, great news. Tell us a little about you and your writing journey to date. […]

WriteMentor Success Stories – Kathryn Foxfield

We welcome WriteMentor Children’s Novel Award runner-up, Kathryn Lougheed, to discuss her writing, her experience of the competition and what comes next. Tell us a little about you and […]

#WriteMentor Success Stories – Clare Golding

We interviewed Clare Golding recently, a #WriteMentor mentee from 2018, mentored by A.M. Dassu. Clare has just secured representation and is about to go on submission with her book […]

Sarah Barkoff Palma – #WriteMentor Success Stories

Congratulations on signing with Evernight Teen for you novel, THE WANDERERS! 🎉 Sarah, what about Brandy’s bio convinced you to sub to them?  Well, I was looking for someone […]

Hannah Kates – #WriteMentor Success Stories

Interview by KC Karr Congratulations on signing with your agent! Hannah, what about Marisa’s bio convinced you to sub to her? Thank you for the kind wishes! At the […]

#WriteMentor Success Stories – Jenny Pearson

Interviewed by K.C. Karr Jenny, what about Carolyn’s bio convinced you to sub to her? Carolyn was a ninja, so I couldn’t sub to her. She had to pick […]

Haleigh Wenger – #WriteMentor Success Stories

Interview by KC Karr Haleigh, what about Brandy’s bio convinced you to sub to her? Brandy writes YA contemporary romance and so do I, so right away I knew […]

Katie Bono – #WriteMentor Success Stories

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now represented by Scott Miller and @Kristin_Cipolla at Trident Media Group. Thank you @kacimari and #WriteMentor for everything! — Katie B. (@lilk8tob) November […]

Amy McCaw – #WriteMentor Success Stories

I'm thrilled to share that @sansawicka from @MarjacqScripts is my agent! It's amazing to find someone who loves my gothic YA mystery as much as I do. Thank you […]

Jenni Spangler – #WriteMentor Success Stories

I wasn’t going to announce this yet but I’m going to burst if I don’t…I’m excited to say I’ve accepted representation with @LaurieEmTweets !I owe big thanks to my […]

Tammy Oja – #WriteMentor Success Stories

More than excited to announce I am now represented by the amazingly kind and truly brilliant @annmrose at The Prospect Agency! I am deeply grateful to so many of […]

AJ Sass – #WriteMentor Success Stories

I'm so excited to share that I am now represented by @thejordache of @NewLeafLiterary! I'm humbled Jordan saw promise in my writing and can't wait to dive (glide?) into […]

Michael Lunsford – #WriteMentor Success Stories

I’ve been tweeting excerpts from my WIP, DEREK HYDE KNOWS SPOOKY WHEN HE SEES IT, for almost a year. Today I’m beyond happy to announce that I now have […]

Lydia Massiah – #WriteMentor Success Stories

I'm amazed & delighted that @jslwilliamson has taken a punt & decided to represent my Ghost story TROGLODYTE despite the odds!Excited to see what happens next, with Jo to […]