Success Stories

Since 2018, over 80 WriteMentor writers have signed with agents or secured publishing deals

Publishing Deals

Jenny Pearson The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

Jenny Pearson

AJ Sass Ana on the Edge

AJ Sass

Priscilla Mante Jaz Santos Vs The World

Priscilla Mante

Rachel Faturoti Sade and her Shadow Beasts

Rachel Faturoti

Brianna Bourne You and Me at the End of the World

Brianna Bourne

Alex Page WishYouWas

Alex Page

Katherine Foxfield

Jenni Spangler The Incredible Talking Time Machine

Jenni Spangler

Amy McCaw Mina and the Undead

Amy McCaw

Emma Bradley the Trouble with Fairies

Emma Bradley

MICHAEL LUNSFORD Derek Hyde Knows Spooky

Michael Lunsford

Aj Vanderhost Casey Grimes

AJ Vanderhorst

Hear Me Dana Faletti

Dana Faletti

Lenore Stutznegger Blue Shadows Fall

Lenore Stutznegger

Keep What Remains Carrie Beamer

Carrie Beamer

Emily Kenny

Jarred Dreams Camilla Chester

Camilla Chester

Lorraine Hawley Dandylion

Lorraine Hawley

Pumpkin Fairytale Tracy Curran

Tracy Curran

Haleigh Wenger The Art of Falling in Love

Haleigh Wenger

Kari Veenstra The Rescuers

Kari Veenstra

George Jreije Shad Hadid

George Jreije

Sarah Barkoff Palma The Wanderers

Sarah Barkoff Palma

Samantha Cooke the Clearing

 Samantha Cook

Emma Pearl Mending the Moon

Emma Pearl

Frances Tosdevin The Bear and her Book

Frances Tosdevin

Louise Finch

Rosie Talbot

Laura Noakes

“Maybe I would have been published eventually, but I really believe working with KC through the WriteMentor experience sped the process along by literal years.“

Brianna Bourne, author & former mentee on WriteMentor’s summer mentoring programme

Award success stories

Congratulations to our writers for securing agent representation

“I spent twelve years and four novels writing mostly in isolation, and after eighteen months working on a fifth novel with two different mentorship programmes, I signed with an agent!”

Becky Orwin, author & former mentee on WriteMentor’s summer mentoring programme

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