WriteMentor Children’s Novel and Picture Book Awards 2021

After 5 months of hard work, and intensive reading and delivering feedback, we have reached the very end point of this year’s awards!

And we’ve decided to be brave and this year go LIVE!

Oh yes! We’ve got 1361 entries down to just 13 (that’s 8 Picture Books and 5 novels). Our judges, Justine Smith, Paul Moreton and Lauren Gardner, are close to having a result, and we’ll all found it out together during the live ceremony.

When is the ceremony?

We will kick-off at 7pm on Thursday, 6th May.

Where can I watch it?

Only the agent judges, the shortlisted writers and the WM team will be in the Zoom room. We will, however, be simultaneously streaming it live via our YouTube channel. If you subscribe to our channel, and then click on the link above, at 7pm on Thursday, you will see the live stream come through with about 1 minute of lag time.

What are the timings?

If you are cheering on a friend, and want to watch their reading, or just to watch the result, then I’ll list the approximate timings below. These are in BST, and we may not run strictly to this schedule. As always with live events, almost anything can happen, so do bear with us if it’s a little bit over-run.

7pm: Opening remarks from Stuart and Florianne

7.10pm: Readings from the PB Shortlisted writers

7.25pm: Special guest

7.30pm: SL overview and PB winner announced by Justine Smith and Paul Moreton

7.35pm: Winners Speech


7.40pm: Readings from the PB Shortlisted writers

7.55pm: Special guest

8pm: SL overview and novel winner announced by Lauren Gardner 

8.05pm: Winners Speech

8.10pm: Closing remarks from Stuart

8.15pm: Drinks in the Cantina on Tattoine

Will I be able to watch it back later?

Yes, we’ve let all the participants know it will be recorded and YouTube automatically saves livestream recording on the channel, so you can check it out later, at your convenience.

Can I participate?

Unfortunately, in order to keep things running smoothly, there will be no participation in the Zoom room, but you can comment during the YouTube live stream, via the chat box on the right of the video.

Will this also be posted to the website, so I can read it?

Yes, we will also do a post which will have a list of the authors shortlisted (finally they can reveal their secret identities!), which will contain a link to the ceremony and of course, will announce the result and summarise the awards in general.

Hopefully we will see all/most of you there, or you get a chance to watch the recording! We’re very excited to bring this live version to you for the first time and if it goes well, we’ll be here to stay.

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