Thanks to everyone who entered this year’s dual awards. We are very proud and honoured that so many of you chose to enter.

We were VERY overwhelmed with the final number of 1361 entries.

We received 447 last year, so that’s a SIGNIFICANT increase. The biggest increase was certainly in the PB award.

More stats on the entries are here.

So, this is why we’ve been a little delayed in announcing. You’ve all been incredibly patient and understanding as you waited.

So, to our longlists – well we have 39 entries on the PB longlist and 37 on the novel list, as well as a list of Readers Favourites, which include both entries which longlist and some which didn’t, in the hope, again, that it may provide you with some comfort and encouragement.

In order to make the lists, entries required to get 4 x YES votes from our readers (2 adult and 2 kid readers per entry), so it was TOUGH!

Many of you will receive feedback and have 3 YES votes, so know how close you were, and remember that it’s all subjectivity and luck. Different readers, potentially different outcome.

If you didn’t get any YES votes this time, do take some time to digest the comments you receive and see how you can implement those and get your work back out there once you’ve worked on those.

If you have been longlisted for the novel, please reply to Stuart’s email (which you will receive shortly) with your full manuscript by 11.59pm on Sunday 14th March, 2021.

PB writers, there is no need to resend your text.

And if you’re on the list, as reading is blind, do not mention your title on social media please. But definitely DO celebrate being on the list.

And do remember, whatever the result, you will all have your feedback on the way. (Please allow at least 1 week for this to be distributed. If you are on the longlist, you will not receive your feedback until your participation is finished.)

So onto the LONGLISTS!

Picture Book Longlist

A Snooffle Just Snaffled My BreakfastGo, Tortoise, Go!ScarytaleThe Helpful Elf
Bamboo SurpriseGoggles the SupercowSnuggle Snuggle SnoreThe Power of YETi
Bubble Bath BrewLove Makes RoomSpoonicornThe Queen’s Breakfast
Captain TangleMina and The GiantSuperThe Sneezy Wheezy Dragon
Cat and MooseMiss Rooter’s ComputerSuperfast SamThe Weirdest In The World
Coronation ChickenMy Super-Duper, Eight-Armed FriendThat Bear!What’s a Blam Blam?
Creepy Hollow’s Graveyard BashNot a CarrotThe Animal Alphabet Shake-UpWhich is Witch?
Cuddle TroublePrincess PuzzlerThe CoinWonky Carrot: Escape from the Compost Heap
Daddy, I’m a DinosaurPumpkin’s FairytaleThe Cross-Mouse TreeZombie World Cup
Don’t forget to close your bookRuby’s Mammoth MissionThe Grizzly Beard

Novel Award Longlist

1666GullySahara And The Amulet Of The FourThe Mysterious Death Of H.R.H.
Angel LandHate the StarsSisters Of The FoxThe Others
ArcaniumKindred SpiritThe Amazing Adventure of January Wren and Talkative JoeThe Pic n’ Mix Pop Party Pirates: Jack and the Jellybeans
BirdgirlLegend of the Stone Circles: Meren’s MirrorThe Art Of Beautiful ScarsThe Sum Of All The Gifts
Cats From Outer SpaceMaisie’s Iceland AdventureThe BelongsongThe Thing About Giants
Cursed ObjectsMy Dark AwakeningThe BurningTrev
Dream DialObsidian HeartThe Headhunters of No1 Morphus PlaceWe Are Fractals
Escape From NowhereRailersThe Lord of the HatYear 4B and the Attack of the Zombies
For Never Was A StoryRescuing MimThe Metronomical Boy
Genji the NinjaRossella and the Naughty Nonnas

Readers Favourites

Please note if a title appears twice, it is because more than one reader voted it as a favourite.

And also note that not all readers chose a favourite.

Many of these titles made the longlist, but many didn’t, and so you should feel very proud if yours features below.

Adult Readers

Bamboo Surprise
Bamboo Surprise
Beastie in the Loch
Bogey Bugston has No Clue
Cats From Outer Space
Dream Dial
Ghost Girl 
Me, Lovedie
Ruby’s Mammoth Mission
Somebody’s Stolen My Story
Southern Belles
Super Mega Tortoise
The Belongsong
The Burning
The Genetic Structure of Chaos
The Helpful Elf
The Lord of the Hat
The Silver Girl
The Umbrella Man
The Wildboy
What About Rory?
What about Rory?
Year 4B and The Attack of the Zombies

Kid Readers

A Christmouse Competition
A Glass Moon
A Kingdom of Fear and Flowers
A Lovely Fluffy Bunny Kind of Story
A rather hairy escape
Arthur – The Swallow Who Stayed
Babbyboo’s Bedtime Adventures
Beasty Beetle
Captain Tuna and the Nostrils of Doom
Carringan Carruthers, Cartographer Extraordinary 
Cat and Moose
Cats From Outer Space
Cats from Outerspace
Circus of Stars
Clown Class – Clara and the Queen’s Cake
Coronation Chicken
Fizz Laker, Troubled
Fizz Laker, Troubled
Fox Forever
Fox Forever
George and the Number Seven
Going Spare

Kid Readers

Grandpa On Trial 
Hogpog and the Snack Snaffler
Hooty Toowoo
How to Float a Billy Goat
I want to eat you
I’m a Docodile, that’s me!
In the Quicksand of Wishes
Joe No One
Just Once
Loving Loman
Luna and the Moonbow
Miss Elder’s Fairy Tale Academy
Murder in Velvet AND The Flood Child
My Favourite Place
Not a Carrot
Not a Carrot 
On the Way Down 
On wings To The Stars
Our magic string
Penguin Bob’s Christmas Job
Poo Slurping Pup
Ready Or Not
Rescuing Mim
Rua and the Wolf
Sisters of the Fox
Superfast Sam, Love Makes Room, and The Animal Circus
That Bear
The 12 Days of Tamara Frost
Clear off, Crow!

Kid Readers

The Belongsong
The Bird Sea
The Blue Toad
The Boggle Spotter
The cake conundrum a baker’s burrow mystery
The cat who was scared of a boo
The Egg Stealing Shadow
The Elephant and the bee
The Endling chronicles
The Finest Flower By Far
The Hummingbird Duel
The Isle of Giants
The Magic of Hare Hill
The Memory of Swimming
The monstrolagy guide and attack of the zombies
The Pic n’ Mix Pop Party Pirates: Jack and the Jellybeans
The Queen and the Moon
The Sea Lord’s Curse
The Tattered Crown
The Turquoise Thief
The Undergrounders & the Deception of the Dead
The unjolly christmas turkey
The Valkyries
Through the window
Violet Dancer
Webmaster in Training
Writing to Wibble
Yoo Hoo, Mr. Crab!

And to our readers, our adult ones listed below and our 300 or so kid readers, thank you for making this possible. Here’s to the longlist reading next!

Alexandra Page
Alice Hemming
Amy V Borg
Becky Wilson
Brianna Bourne 
Carolyn Ward
Clare Harlow
Clare Helen Welsh
Dale Hannah
Donna David
Ellie Lock
Emma Dykes
Emma Finlayson-Palmer
Fiona Barker
Hannah Kates
Jodi Herlick
Jon Cox
Julie Marney Leigh
Julie Sykes
Kathryn Clark
Kathryn Foxfield
Liz Kashyap
Louise Cook
Mark Eccleston
Melissa Welliver
Meredith Vigh
Philip Kavvadias
Piu Das Gupta
Polly Owen 
Priscilla mante
Sharon Hopwood 
Skylaar Amann
Sophia Payne
Tess James-Mackey 

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