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Welcome to WOWCON

Hello everyone, First of all - WELCOME to the first (and hopefully not last!) WriteMentor Online Writing Conference! I am delighted to be opening this online, accessible conference which has been designed especially for those unable to access in-person conferences due...

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The Art of the Arc by A.J. Sass

The Art of the Arc An effective, engaging novel has several moving parts. Most people are familiar with plot. It’s usually the external circumstances you describe when someone asks, “What’s your book about?” But even the most exciting plot can fall flat without...

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Everyone with a general admission ticket will be eligible to take part in WOW-PITCH! I know you're already severely spoilt with the £10 admission getting you 8 speakers and 10 blog posts, but this is the cherry on top! 3 agent judges will look at pitches from PB/MG/YA...

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Dave Rudden The Art of Interrogation Summary: How to Strive for Original, Quality Work Through Interrogation of Theme, Setting, Character and Word Choice Dave Rudden is the author of the award-winning...

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Aisha BushbyAlexandra SheppardDanielle JawandoEmma ReadJames NicolJenny PearsonJo GatfordJoseph ElliotKate BrauningKesia LupoLindsay GalvinLouie StowellMaz EvansOlivia LevezP.M. FreestoneRachel LeyshonRashmi SirdeshpandeSam CopelandSarah LewisSerena PatelSophie...

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Blog posts

A.J. Sass Self-Doubt and the Internal Struggle I want to address how it doesn't get easier the more progress you make with your writing or within the publishing industry, that...

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Openings and Hooks by Chio Zoe

In with a bang Welcome to the new age of short attention spans and immediate gratification. You know what I’m talking about. With so much information out there to see, no one has the time to wait for you to get to the point. Now gone are those days of slow starting...

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When: Sunday 3rd March until Friday 8th March 5pm GMT. Where: On Twitter, in reply to the pinned tweet on the @writementor account. How to enter: reply to the pinned tweet, with your best twitter pitch (one per person) using the #PitchWM hashtag. You must also RT the...

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