Welcome to the Team

Welcome to the Team

What a lovely way to start the New Year!

We have not one, but two new members to welcome to the WriteMentor, behind-the-scenes, team! Though, of course this role will involve a lot of being in front of the screen.

We advertised for an Events Co-Ordinator a few weeks ago and were overwhelmed with the quality of applications we received. I wanted to take on at least 6 or 7 of the people who applied. It was heart-wrenching to say no to so many, especially as some of the applications were so lovely, heartfelt and showed how much they clearly love WM, and would love the role.

But we are a wee organisation, so we have to be sensible.

Well, except when Stuart makes decisions. So instead of just taking on the one person he was supposed to, he took on two. Why? First of all, there’s plenty of work. We offer so much already, and there’s even more to come. And let’s be the honest, the less Stuart is on screen, and shut away fixing the Hyperdrive, the better it is for all!

So, I’m delighted to announce our two new Events Co-Ordinators:

Sophia Payne
Sophia Payne

Sophia Payne is the Picture Book winner of the WMCNA 2020. Following her win, she was offered representation from Alice Williams of the Alice Williams Literary Agency. Sophia then went on to sign a contract for her debut picture book, which she is hoping to announce soon.
Sophia likes to write thought-provoking children’s books that reflect her mixed-race heritage, and enjoys the collaborative process of making books. Sophia is a natural-born planner, and is excited to be working as part of the Write-Mentor events team.

Sophia will primarily be looking after our Picture Book events, though there’s likely to be much crossover, so don’t be surprised to see her organising and hosting events of all sorts!

Her degree in IT and Creative Writing, coupled with her WriteMentor experience (winning our PB award in 2020), coupled with her infectious enthusiasm and impeccable presentation skills, means she’ll be able to host our live events, while also inputting code for the hyperdrive system, when it inevitably breaks down again at the hands of Stuart’s hydro-spanner!

Emily Randall
Emily Randall

Emily has worked as a touring actor, an historical interpreter at Hampton Court and for the National Trust, creating events, exhibitions and interpretation. 
She writes haunting middle-grade mysteries and recently won both the Mslexia Children’s Novel and YA competition and the Times/Chicken House Competition.
She’s represented by Lucy Irvine at Peters, Fraser and Dunlop and her debut novel will be published in spring 2023. 
When she’s not writing, she’s busy raising two young children. On days off she can be found near the sea, at the pub or eating cake. Or all three. 

Emily will be primarily looking after our novel writing events, though, again, there’s likely to be flexibility and some crossover, so she may well pop up anywhere!

With experience in events with the National Trust, including a literary festival, and the Scottish Tourism Forum, and a former life acting, Emily is very excited to be joining the team and helping others in similar ways to how she was helped as a 2020 WriteMentor mentee.

Welcome to both Emily and Sophia! We know you’ll be seeing much more of both of them this year!

May the Force be with you!

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