WriteMentor Novel-in-Development Award 2021: THE SHORTLIST

Well, this has been tough!

We initially had to narrow down 85 entries (who got 2 YES votes in round 1) to 26 entries for our longlist.

We’ve spent the last week or so going through the longlist and trying to narrow that down, too.

However it’s not been easy. Many a heated comment was made when a readers personal favourite was ruled out, but I think in the end we have managed to get us a list that we are (mostly!) happy with.

The list consists of 7 MG, 2 Teen and 2 YA novels – we did note the heavy weighting towards MG but the readers were certain all those MGs had to be on there.

7 of the novels are still works-in-progress, while 4 are complete.

We have a real mix from contemporary to horror, from funny to fantasy, and from dystopian to romance.

We have genuinely enjoyed this process so much – it’s such a treat to see novels in this embryonic stage, when perhaps we wouldn’t usually share so early – but the standard and range of ideas and high quality of writing really has impressed the readers and you should all feel very proud that you were brave enough to share your novels at such an unusually early stage of the process.

Thanks, as you always do, for trusting us with your words and for showing faith in what we do.

The shortlist has now been passed onto our literary agent judge, Christabel McKinley, who will read each entry and deliver a final verdict on a winner and runner-up(s).

Congratulations to everyone who has made it. And sending all the hugs to those who have just missed out – trust me, it was probably very close!

Here is the shortlist:

Extra Ordinary
Grace Weaver and the Other Kingdom
Saving The Silver Willow
The Burning
The Crows of St Aubin
The Living Goddess and the Pirate Queen
The Memory Maker’s Apprentice
The Picture House
The Umbrella Man
This Is Not A Love Song
Throw like a Girl

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