This is an evolving list and as agents complete the form, we will add them to the list.

Name Agency Name Link to bio/wishlist Twitter Handle
Alice Sutherland-Hawes Madeleine Milburn Ltd alibelle
Alice Williams Alice Williams Literary @alicelovesbooks
Amber Caraveo Skylark Literary @AmberCaraveo
Anne Clark Anne Clark Literary Agency @anneclarklit
Chloe N Seager Madeleine Milburn @ChloeSeager
Christabel McKinley David Higham Associates ichristmasbell
Clare Wallace The Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency Ltd @LitAgentClare
Hannah Sheppard D H H Literary Agency YA_Books
Jo Williamson Antony Harwood Ltd jslwilliamson
Joanna Moult Skylark Literary Limited @JoannaMoult
Kat Kerr Donald Maass Literary Agency @thekatsmews
Kate Nash Kate Nash Literary Agency Ltd @katenashagent
Laura West David Higham Associates @LozWesty
Lauren Gardner Bell Lomax Moreton @laurieemtweets
Lina Langlee Kate Nash Literary Agency @LinaLanglee
Lucy Irvine Peters Fraser & Dunlop lucyirvine93
Ludo Cinelli Eve White Literary Agency @EveWhiteAgency
Lynnette Novak The Seymour Agency @Lynnette_Novak
Megan Carroll Watson, Little Ltd @MeganACarroll
Rachel Mann Jo Unwin Literary Agency @rachelphilippa
Robbie Guillory Kate Nash Literary Agency @robbieguillory
Sandra Sawicka Marjacq Scripts @sansawicka
Therese Coen Hardman & Swainson @theresecoen
Zoe Plant The Bent Agency @zoeplant89

If any other children’s agents would like to participate, please complete the quick form below: