1.9 Children’s Agents List

We strive to keep this as up-to-date as possible, so if you are an agent and you spot anything that isn’t accurate or current, please kindly let us know and we can change it. Also, if you would like to be removed, again just let us know.

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DISCLAIMER: We have listed an extensive list of agents and agencies here to save you a lot of time when searching. HOWEVER, this is not an endorsement of those agents or agencies, and you must do your own due diligence in terms of researching their wish lists and if they are ideal for you.

We will also be working on making things more specific, such as a column indicating PB, MG, YA etc but this will be an ongoing piece of extensive work. We hope this provides a good start for you on your search for an agent.

UK agents

Alice Sutherland-HawesAsh Literary
Alice WilliamsAlice Williams Literary
Amber CaraveoSkylark Literary
Anne ClarkAnne Clark Literary Agency
Arabella SteinThe Bright Agency
Becky BagnellThe Lindsay Literary Agency
Ben IllisBen Illis Agency
Bryony WoodsDiamond Khan and Woods Literary
Caroline SheldonCaroline Sheldon Literary Agency
Catherine PellegrinoThe Marjacq Agency
Chloe N SeagerMadeleine Milburn
Christabel McKinleyDavid Higham Associates
Claire WilsonRCW Literary
Clare WallaceDarley Anderson
Davinia Andrew-LynchAndlyn
Ella Diamond KahnDiamond Kahn and Woods Literary
Felicity TrewCaroline Sheldon Literary Agency
Gemma CooperThe Bent Agency
Hannah SheppardDHH Literary Agency
Helen BoylePickled Ink
Hilary DelamereThe Agency
Isobel GahanCurtis Brown
Jenny SavillAndrew Nurnberg Associates
Jo WilliamsonAntony Harwood
Joanna MoultSkylark Literary
Josephine HayesThe Blair Partnership
Julia ChurchillAM Heath
Kate ShawThe Shaw Agency
Lauren GardnerBell Lomax Moreton
Lina LangleeThe North Literary Agency
Lindsey Fraser and Kathryn RossFraser Ross Associates
Lisa BabalisCurtis Brown
Liz DennisJohnson and Alcock
Lucy IrvinePFD agency
Ludo CinelliEve White Literary Agency
Lydia SilverDarley Anderson
Mandy SuhrMiles Stott
Megan CarrollWatson, Little Ltd
Molly Ker HawnThe Bent Agency
Nancy MilesMiles Stott
Paul MoretonBell Lomax Moreton
Rachael HamiltonBen Illis Agency
Rachel MannJULA
Sallyanne SweeneyMMB Creative
Sam CopelandRCW Literary
Sandra SawickaMarjacq Scripts
Silvia MolteniPeters Fraser Dunlop
Stephanie ThwaitesCurtis Brown
Tessa DavidPeters Fraser Dunlop
Therese CoenHardman & Swainson 
Veronique BaxterDavid Higham Associates
Victoria BirkettMiles Stott
Zoe PlantThe Bent Agency

Outside UK Agents

Abigail FrankSanford J. Greenburger Associates
Adria GoetzMartin Literary Management
Alexandra LevickWriter’s House
Alice FugateTrident Media Group
Allison RemcheckStimola Literary Studio
Amy GiuffridaThe Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
Analieze CervantesThe Harvey Klinger Agency
Andrea WalkerOlswanger Literary Agency
Ann RoseThe Prospect Agency
Brent TaylorTriadaUS Literary Agency
Brianne JohnsonWriters House
Charlotte WengerProspect Agency
Chelsea EberlyGreenhouse Literary
Claire DraperThe Bent Agency
Danielle BurbyNelson Literary Agency
Desiree WilsonThe Bent Agency
Elana Roth ParkerLaura Dail
Elizabeth HardingCurtis Brown, Ltd.
Emily van BeenFolio Literary Management
Erin CaseyGallt and Zacker Literary Agency
Erin ClyburnThe Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
Heather CashmanStorm Literary Agency
James McGowanBookEnds Literary
Jemiscoe Chambers-BlackAndrea Brown Literary
Jennifer HerringtonThe Harvey Klinger Agency
Jennifer March SolowayAndrea Brown Literary Agency
Jennifer MattsonAndrea Brown
Jessica HareThe Agency
Jim McCarthyDystel, Goderich & Bourret
John CusickFolio Literary Management
Jordan HamesslyNew Leaf Literary
Kat KerrThe Maass Agency
Kemi FaderinDystel, Goderich & Bourret
Laurel SymondsThe Bent Agency
Leah PierreLadder Bird Agency
Lindsay Davis AuldWriters House
Lynnette NovakThe Seymour Agency
Madelyn BurtStonesong Literary Agency
Michael BourretDystel, Goderich & Bourret
Moe FerraraBookends Literary
Natascha MorrisBookends Literary
Patrice CaldwellNew Leaf Literary
Quressa RobinsonNelson Literary Agency
Rena RossnerThe Deborah Harris Literary Agency
Roseanne WellsThe Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
Stepanie Fretwell-HillRed Fox Literary Agency 
Stephen BarrWriters House
Tanusri PrasannaFoundry
Wendi GuSanford J. Greenburger Associates

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