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“Highly readable, reliably practical and endlessly supportive with a nice clean layout that makes visual processing for someone like me with disabilities much easier. It has all the heart, encouraging spirit and practical tips that WriteMentor always brings.”

WriteMentor Magazine is one of the only magazines for children’s writers in the UK.

Released on a quarterly basis, the digital magazine is packed full of exclusive content written by leading authors and publishing experts, from writing advice to industry insights. It also covers a range of genres within Picture Books, Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction.

Mostly importantly, we also feature you, our readers, with our regular Celebration Corner and WriteMentor Success Story pieces.

Whether you’d love to pen your first novel or you’re a published author with years of experience, WriteMentor magazine has content for everyone who loves the written word.

“WriteMentor Magazine keeps me connected to community news, offers writing tips and a window into writers’ lives.”

“Super informative, down-to-earth, and easy to read.”

Cost: £3.99 for one issue or £11.99 for an annual subscription* (includes four magazines)

*Subscriptions will include the current issue, as well as the next 3, which will be sent to you on the release date of each issue.

WriteMentor magazine Issue 6 out now!


📙An exclusive interview with Frank Cottrell-Boyce, award-winning author & screenwriter who has collaborated with director Danny Boyle on the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony & the script of his film ‘Millions’⁠⁠

📙A motivational piece from author Priscilla Mante on pursuing your writing dreams ⁠⁠

📙Advice from author Louise Gooding on creating educational resources based on your books⁠⁠

📙Industry insights from Imo Bovill, Translation Rights Executive at a leading literary agency ⁠

📙An exploration of real-life spooky settings in New Orleans that inspired Amy McCaw’s Young Adult murder mystery⁠⁠

📙Author Cat Weldon’s story of how scriptwriting led to writing books for children⁠⁠

📙Information about SCBWI’s annual Undiscovered Voices competition – and how to enter⁠⁠

📙Witticisms from our Honest Writer⁠⁠

📙Winning stories from our flash fiction & short story competitions⁠

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Contributors include: Patrice Lawrence (Orangeboy, Indigo Donut), Cerrie Burnell (Harper series, The Ice Bear Miracle), Kit de Waal (Becoming Dinah), Katharine and Elizabeth Corr (The Witch’s Kiss series), LD Lapinski (The Strangeworlds Travel Agency), Jenny Pearson (The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates), Perdita and Honor Cargill (Waiting for Callback series), Emma Perry (I Don’t Like Books Never Ever), Joseph Elliott (The Good Hawk) Alice Sutherland-Hawes (agent at Madeleine Milburn), Christabel McKinley (agent at David Higham Associates) and more…

Short story and flash fiction competitions

Enter WriteMentor magazine’s short story and flash fiction competitions for a chance to feature in the upcoming issue. The theme is RECONNECT, and all stories must feature either a child or teen protagonist.

Meet the judges, read the rules and then enter the competitions here.

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