#WriteMentor 2020 Mentor-Mentee Pairings

Below are the 2020 #WriteMentor programme pairings. If your name is on this list, your mentor will contact you with further instructions of what they are offering you and how your mentoring is going to work.

One thing to please note, and all the mentors agreed, that being picked for the programme doesn’t mean those are the best manuscripts – in fact many weren’t picked because they were too polished and the mentor simply couldn’t improve it – it’s more that the mentor felt that particular manuscript was the one they could help the most.

It’s not a contest or a competition, so no winners or losers – this in an opportunity to give back to those, who the mentors believe, they can help. Not being on the list does not mean your story or writing are not outstanding or have great potential, it’s the annoying and often vague word ‘subjectivity’.

A reminder that if your name is not on the list below, we have #WMPitch tomorrow, so dust yourself off this evening, pour a glass of blue milk and get writing out those 3 pitches to impress our stellar agents tomorrow!

*Please note a couple of mentors had to pull out last minute, so if their name is not on the list, please respect their privacy and decision to withdraw.

Similarly, if you applied to a mentor, please do not email or DM or tweet to ask for feedback. A few have said they would email, but the default position should be not to expect it and if it comes, it’s a nice extra. I repeat, please do not contact mentors to ask for anything more please – I am concerned that these expectations create unease and guilt for mentors who don’t have the time to provide it. In fact, at least one mentor did not return this year for this reason.

We want to give to you, so, so much, but please don’t try to take. After all our mentors are all professional writers, who have volunteered time and effort to not only read a LOT of applications, but also mentor a writer (or two/three!) for 4 months of their lives, taking away from time with family and work and writing their next book, at a time when all those of those things have massively increased in important to us all.

Please remember to thank the mentors you applied to for reading and considering your work if you get a chance – general thanks to them all is also welcome on Twitter – they certainly deserve it.

Similarly, so do every one of you – not just for applying, but for supporting the programme and building the community. WM is more than the individuals who run it – it is more than what we offer and what we do – it is the people that make it special. The wonderfully kind, supportive and caring people who constantly cheer and congratulate (or commiserate) with each other, either on Twitter or on our courses etc.

Huge congratulations to everyone on the list! Tweets will follow, so head back onto Twitter.

And please, please celebrate if you wish to.

Al Holloway Catherine Emmett PB
Alex Monk Stuart White MG
Ann Dayleview Claire Winn/Nicole Brake YA
Anna Moutran Meagan Dallner MG
Becky Wilson Jon Cox PB
Bethany Pleydell Skylaar Amann PB
Cade Everly Kristin Jacques YA
Camille Carine Sarah Daniels YA
Cara Lovelock Lisette Auton MG
Catherine Ogston Jodi Herlick YA
Chrissy Sturt Hannah Kates MG
Clare Harlow Cynthia Murphy YA
Danielle Dale Helen Harvey CB
Daphne H. Dador Marisa Noelle YA
Debbie Roxburgh Anna Britton YA
Deborah Bailey Brandy Woods Snow YA
Emily Randall Emma Finlayson-Palmer MG
Emma Norris Jonathan Eyers MG
Emma Pearl Lu Hersey MG
Georgia Roworth Anna Mainwaring YA
Gina Gonzales-Wagerman A.J. Sass/Hannah Kates MG
Graine Milner Eden Endfield YA
Heather Fishwick Marisa Noelle YA
Jan Dunning Olivia Levez YA
Jeff de León Sabrina Prestes/George Jreije YA
Jessica Foster Louisa Reid YA
Jo Dearden Donna David PB
Judy Darley Lindsay Galvin MG
Julie Farrell Amy Beashel YA
Kate Chapman Jenni Spangler MG
Katerina Ermolin Deborah Maroulis YA
Katherine Shingler Joan Haig MG
Kathryn Heligman Claire Winn/Nicole Brake YA
Kim Crisci Kathryn Kettle YA
Krista Barrett Jodi Herlick YA
Laura Warminger Helen Harvey MG
Lauren E. E. Persons A.J. Sass/Hannah Kates MG
Lauren Pippa Jon Cox PB
Leah Mecrow Lee VanBrakle YA
Louise Cook Carolyn Ward/Emma Finlayson-Palmer YA
Lucy Bulkeley Emma Finlayson-Palmer CB
Manuia Heinrich Heather Powell/Jen Griswell YA
Marie Day Julie Marney Leigh MG
Mathew Iredale Sophie Kirtley MG
Nessa Reen Gabriel Dylan YA
Noelle Strader Kimberly Wisnewski YA
Pete Hepworth Olivia Levez MG
Philip Kavvadias Tasha Harrison MG
Rachell Abalos Skylaar Amann PB
Ranee Stemann Sarah Daniels YA
Reba Khatun Mandy Rabin MG
Ryan Leston Ellie Lock MG
S J Hopwood Hannah Gold MG
Saran Shantikumar Carolyn Ward CB
Sierra L Cook KC Karr YA
Sophia Payne Stuart White PB
Stephen James Catherine Emmett PB
Sue Cunningham Melissa Welliver YA
Susan Staab Destinee Schriner YA
Tess James-Mackey Cynthia Murphy YA
Tracy Curran Stuart White PB
Tricia Gilbey Alex English MG
Wendy Barker Mandy Rabin MG

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