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Hello everyone,

First of all – WELCOME to the first (and hopefully not last!) WriteMentor Online Writing Conference!

I am delighted to be opening this online, accessible conference which has been designed especially for those unable to access in-person conferences due to financial/health/geographic reasons.

As a writer who lives in Glasgow and suffers from chronic, autoimmune conditions, I have always wanted to go to a big conference but have been unable to. Several of my good writing friends are in the same situation, and while I always had this idea in my mind, it was a tweet from my writing friend, Sally Doherty, which finally pushed me into organising all of this.

So back in March I began contacting agents and authors (published and unpublished – because unpublished authors voices are just as important, too) and began to put it all together.

It’s been hard, hard work – easily hundreds, if not thousands of hours spent on it all – and definitely more than I bargained for…but the response has been far more positive than I could ever have imagined. I am grateful so many of you bought tickets, and many of you also bought tickets for our workshops and agent 1-2-1s, too.

Stuart before WOWCON vs Stuart after WOWCON

I hope we deliver on this faith, and that you will end this weekend with more knowledge and motivation than when you started.

So, tonight we launch with FREE FRIDAY!

(we’ll post all links on Twitter via WriteMentor account)

WOWCON, stride through the flames, into the weekend!

You get all 4 posts (including this one) and the opening speaker (the brilliant Sophie Cleverly) video, regardless of whether you signed up or not, so that even those who can’t afford the £10 for a general admission ticket can still benefit from WOWCON.

Our mission statement is always about putting writers first, both those who are unpublished and looking for help, and those published, who are looking to teach and pass on their knowledge, and be paid (as fairly as is possible) for that work. I do hope we strike the balance here at WriteMentor.

My friends like to tell me that I can’t help everyone, but there’s no harm in trying, right?

Have a great conference everyone, and as always, I am here to help in any way I can.

May the Force be with all of you…all weekend and beyond!

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