Lindsay Galvin and Alexandra Sheppard will lead their own 6 week courses, taking you through the main elements to make to make your novel really stand out and to learn craft aspects that will help, not only this novel, but every one your write.

The course outline is below, and each week will focus on a different aspect of writing craft. The week’s tutor will provide notes on these areas at the start of each week to give you an opportunity to fine tune your own work, then you’ll post it up a task for tutor and peer review.

In the final week, your tutor will be joined by a top literary agent, to look at the most important part of your novel: Page 1.

We’ll look at how you can hook an agent, but even more importantly, your potential readers.

Meet your tutors:

MG (Middle Grade) Course Tutor

Lindsay Galvin – Author of the Secret Deep

Lindsay’s first book The Secret Deep came out in the UK in 2018 and the next is to be published in early 2020. She writes YA, MG and has adult and younger fiction works in progress. She reads in all genres and loves to edit, she is an experienced mentor plus a critique partner of published authors.

Lindsay came late to writing, self-taught, after a career teaching which is now part time. She is a slush-pile (talent pool!) conqueror who came from nowhere and had no contacts and – although it took a while – had the first ever book she wrote published by the excellent Chicken House.

An experienced teacher, Lindsay’s workshop style is upbeat, constructive and focuses on the practical. She is sensitive to those at different stages of their writing journeys and the courage it takes to share work. Her workshops have a positive supportive atmosphere, intended to empower writers. All questions are welcome.

YA (Young Adult) Course Tutor

Alexandra Sheppard – Author of Oh My Gods

Alexandra Sheppard is an author based in North London. Her debut YA novel OH MY GODS was published by Scholastic in Spring 2019 and she’s currently working on her next Teen novel. When she isn’t writing teen fiction, Alexandra runs creative writing workshops for teens at schools around the UK. She is represented by Lauren Gardner.


Week 1 – The Premise

Often overlooked until later in the process, but we’ll make sure your premise is hooky, engaging, emotionally laced and jam-packed with conflicts.

Week 2 – Character agency

Character drives plot. We’ll look at how to make sure your MC is driving your story.

Week 3 – Creating conflict

Personalising and escalating the obstacles faced by your character in achieving their goal.

Week 4 – Stakes and emotion

Personal stakes and emotional craft – why does what happens MATTER to the main character?

Week 5 – Who are you writing for?

Understanding who you’re writing for in terms of age group, content, word counts and themes.

Week 6 – HOOKS and first pages

The most important part of your novel: Page 1.
We’ll look at how you can hook an agent, but even more importantly, your potential readers.


This course offers a safe space with a small group of like-minded people. It’s brilliant for asking all your questions and getting all the answers you need. I think it’s improved my writing and given me more confidence to go forward. 

Ruth Cassidy

This course has given me so much motivation! I began the six week course with roughly 3,000 words of a brand new story. Upon completing the course, I had a solid plan, a clear character arc and 27,000 words! Alex is extremely knowledgeable and gives just the right blend of positivity and critique in her feedback, meaning I had plenty to work on to improve my work but never felt overwhelmed or de-motivated by it. I would highly recommend this course to anyone either starting a new WIP or looking to improve the one they’re redrafting.


WriteMentor’s online courses go above and beyond other courses I have taken and is half the cost. The community of writers that I’ve met through WM have all been so lovely, talented & supportive & Stuart is an absolute star! 

Stephanie Cotela Tanner 

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