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“Having someone in my corner made a huge difference to my moral. Each month Emma helped me first with the opening to my novel, then my synopsis and lastly my agent letter. She was supportive, encouraging, and gave lots of practical support and advice. I’m very grateful to her and Spark.”

Camilla Chester, who was mentored by Emma Smith-Barton and signed with agent Laura West at David Higham (Read her full success story here)

WriteMentor Spark is a monthly, online one-to-one mentoring service. Working with a children’s author, receive ongoing developmental editing, writing advice, publishing insights, and direct feedback on your manuscript to help you elevate your writing craft to the next level.

Affordable and accessible

Starting at only £30 a month, Spark is both affordable and accessible, with bespoke options that range from single chapter edits to full manuscript feedback.

Tailored to your needs

Most importantly, Spark is a flexible mentoring service with no long-term obligation or fixed term. We are here to be flexible to your needs and will always be happy to chat about anything bespoke or unusual that you might need.

Choose your perfect mentor

With a choice of over 20 mentors from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, get the tailored support you need to finish and polish your children’s fiction manuscript – from Middle Grade to Young Adult. Read their profiles below to find out more about their writing and mentoring.

Click here to read more about our mentors and how they can support you

Some Spark mentees who have secured agent representation/publication…

Anushi Mehta

“Mentoring helped me validate that my stories are needed and allowed me to understand my weaknesses so I could work on them.”

Piu Das Gupta

“WriteMentor is such a warm and welcoming community where established children’s authors mingle freely with new and aspiring ones.”

Emily Kenny

“Mentoring demystifies the writing industry and makes it accessible to people who may otherwise feel that writing is not for them.”

How much does it cost for the mentoring?

There are several levels:

Level 1

1500 words a month for mentoring (£30).

Level 2

3000 words a month for mentoring (£48).

Level 3

5000 words a month for mentoring (£72).

Level 4

10,000 words a month for mentoring (£132).

There is no long term commitment, so while you will sign up to a monthly, rolling payment, this can be cancelled at any time.

How does it work?

Each month you will send over the allotted word count from your manuscript, and you will receive feedback from your mentor, which may include overall thoughts, online comments or suggestions on how to improve.

You will also get a follow-up email consultation, where you can reply with any questions (in one email) either about your manuscript specifically or about the industry and writing more generally.


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