#WriteMentor Spark ⚡️

Welcome to the landing page for #WriteMentor Spark ⚡️. This is a new programme we’ve been working on, where we can work closely with, create new content for, and help mentor a larger number of writers. There will also be live chat sessions with industry experts.

So what does this involve?

It’s essentially an ongoing writing course aimed at specifically developing craft, with different themed months, with unique content created and special guests from the publishing industry who will drop in for monthly chats. And a chance to pitch direct to agents every month.
An upgrade will also providing 1-2-1 mentoring with a monthly critique and email consultation.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is serious about improving their craft and writing, from novice to published author. We hope our staff writers and mentors can help provide you with a low-cost but valuable development pathway for your writing.

Who are the staff writers and mentors?
Click here to read more about them.

  • Stuart White (creator)
  • AJ Sass (MG author and mentor)
  • AM Dassu (MG author and mentor)
  • Carolyn Ward (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Chio Zoe (YA author and mentor)
  • Emma Finlayson-Palmer (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Emma Read (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Emma Smith-Barton (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Jodi Herlick (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Julie Marney Leigh (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Kate Wiseman (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Kathryn Clark (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Lindsay Galvin (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Lydia Massiah (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Marisa Noelle (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • M. Dalto (YA author and mentor)
  • Michelle Kenney (YA author and mentor)
  • N M Browne (MG/YA author and mentor)
  • Simon James Green (YA author and mentor)
  • And others to be confirmed…

Who are the industry experts?

We have a range of experts from agents to authors to editors and more. Some of those who have committed already and will be chatting to you in the 2019 are:

  • Catherine Johnson (author and Curtis Brown Creative tutor)
  • Chloe Seager (agent at Northbank Talent Management and author)
  • Dave Rudden (author)
  • Kate Brauning (editor/author/creator of Breakthrough Writers)
  • Kesia Lupo (editor at Chicken House and author)
  • Lauren Gardner (agent at Bell Lomax Moreton)
  • Louie Stowell (editorial director for Ladybird @PRH and author)
  • Lydia Silver (agent at Darley Anderson)
  • Nina Douglas (publicist)
  • Patrice Lawrence (author)
  • Sam Missingham (Lounge Marketing and former HarperCollins as Head of Audience Development and Head of Events & Marketing at the BookSeller)
  • Simon James Green (author)
  • Swapna Haddow (author)
  • Plus more to be confirmed…

Who are the agents we can pitch to each month?

  • Alice Williams (Alice Williams Literary)
  • Amber Caraveo (Skylark Literary)
  • Chloe Seager (Northbank Talent Management)
  • Joanna Moult (Skylark Literary)
  • Kaitlyn Johnson (Corvisiero Literary)
  • Lauren Gardner (Bell Lomax Moreton)
  • Lydia Silver (Darley Anderson)
  • Tess Callero (Curtis Brown)

How much does it cost and what specifically would I get in return?

There are three levels (please note these reflect only cost, not writing level):

We are also now offering Levels 4 and 5.

These are the same as Level 3 but with increased word counts each month for mentoring.

Level 4 will include 5000 words a month for mentoring (£60).

Level 5 will include 10,000 words a month for mentoring (£110).

There is no long term commitment, so while you will sign up to a monthly, rolling payment, this can be cancelled at any time, just send me an email and I’ll can stop your membership at the end of that month.

Please note, the WMCNA free entries are only available once you have been a member for 6 months prior to the novel award opening at the end of 2019.


For those who want submission package read throughs all the way up to developmental editing on a full manuscript, do get in touch with Stuart at robstuwhite@gmail.com to discuss the options. We can make it as bespoke as you need.

Example prices:

Submission Package review: £100 (£150 in you want a fast turnaround)

For partial/full manuscript developmental edits: £0.01 per word (£10 per 1000 words – again, with an additional charge for quick turnaround which will depend on the word count)

*Any Quick Spark service also includes 3 months membership to the Spark programme at Level 1 (see above).

Low income options

Additionally, we have a 4th option.

We are running a monthly Patreon newsletter, which will include all 4 of that months content posts, plus additional bonuses like samples of student/mentor works in progress.

Patreon subscription starts from as little as £1 a month. You pay what you can afford up to £10. Click here to subscribe to our Patreon.

Finally, we are offering a 5th, final, free option.

To subscribe to this, simply subscribe here, to the #WriteMentor mailing list. You will receive one content post a month.


There are two options for payment:

If you are based in the UK:
The best option is to set up a standing order to the following account, for the correct amount for your level of membership. (I will email you back when I receive your form, above, and when I do, let me know once you’ve set up the standing order).

Name: Write Mentor
Bank: Bank of Scotland 
Sort Code: 802260
Account Number: 18564467

Please set it up to pay on the 1st of every month and payment is in advance, so you pay on the 1st of February for your February membership.
You can cancel the standing order at any time, should you wish to stop your membership, but do email me to let me know.

If you are based outside the UK:
Use the PayPal option below, selecting the correct level from the dropdown menu. No need to email if you pay this way as I’ll get sent an email. I would leave a message with your name (as it appears on the form) to ensure I know it’s you who has paid.

Membership level

Interested? Please fill in the form below to apply.

Once payment is confirmed (if you use PayPal, I will receive an email, but if you set up a standing order (UK) then tell me by reply once I’ve emailed you) you can enter the reference into the form above when you sign up and then you’ll be good to go.

I’ll receive an email when you press submit – I will then email you with sign-up details for the #WriteMentor Platform.

You will not receive an auto-confirmation, so please be patient as I will be manually emailing you. If you submit the form and haven’t heard from me within 1 week, do nudge me. You can DM me on Twitter: @StuartWhiteWM

May the Force be with all of you…always…