Code of Conduct – for mentors and mentees

#WriteMentor was designed to be a programme of love and kindness, help and sharing.

With that ethos in mind, this is a statement that we hold all our mentors and mentees, to the highest standards in terms of our core values and will not tolerate anyone undermining those or voicing opinions which are not/can not be endorsed by the inclusive, friendly and open programme.

If anyone, mentor or mentee does anything to bring our professional and moral values into disrepute, they will be asked politely to leave the programme immediately.

We value free speech and different opinions, but those must be kept separate from the programme and if they impact upon it, we will have no choice but to distance ourselves from those opinions that we do not agree with.

In addition, harassment of mentors/mentees via social media or any other platform, including unwanted messaging, is also not acceptable. For example, our mentors are super generous in that SOME of them offer feedback to those who submit to them.

This is NOT a requirement and I would ask, not that most of you would do this, to not be pestering or asking about it. If it comes, that’s an amazing bonus, and do be grateful and thank them, but at the outset, there is zero expectation of this due to the numbers of applicants we receive.

With #WriteMentor, we ask you to keep love in your hearts and to always think positively and with the best intentions with all your interactions.


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