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Want to get your manuscript noticed by publishing professionals? In WriteMentor’s Ask An Agent blog series, we invite leading literary agents to answer quick-fire questions about publishing and submissions, to give children’s writers insights and advice about the querying process.

Charlotte Colwill, agent at Colwill & Peddle, shares her insights.

Current hot publishing trend…

Charlotte: Smart romance – this genre has really broken out of its shell recently thanks to TikTok! And I also think horror, of a more literary kind, is really making a comeback which I love to see.

Submission turn on…

Charlotte: A brilliantly original story concept that can be encapsulated in a couple of sentences.

Submission turn off…

Charlotte: Starting a submission letter ‘Dear Agent…’

Current children’s read…

Charlotte: Gay Club! by Simon James Green – it’s funny, clever and moving, and exactly the kind of thing I want to be representing.

Biggest submission wish…

Charlotte: A really fresh romance with a completely new twist.

<strong><strong>Charlotte Colwill</strong>, <strong>Colwill & Peddle</strong></strong>
Charlotte Colwill, Colwill & Peddle

Charlotte is open to both fiction and non-fiction for all ages, from picture books to Young Adult.

At the moment Charlotte is really looking for a funny and engaging author/illustrator with a fresh new series for young readers (5+), middle grade fiction with a new hook, brilliant world-building and characters not seen before, and in YA Charlotte is looking for homegrown fantasy fiction, high concept contemporary stories and books about unusual relationships.

In children’s non-fiction Charlotte would love to see books that tackle curriculum subjects in a brand new and super engaging way, and real life stories for middle grade and YA readers.

Twitter: @charlotte_reads

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