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Want to get your manuscript noticed by publishing professionals? In WriteMentor’s new blog series, we invite leading literary agents to answer quick-fire questions about publishing and submissions, to give children’s writers insights and advice about the querying process.

Amber Caravéo, agent at Skylark, shares her insights.

Current hot publishing trend…

Amber: Young Adult, especially thrillers or romance – thank you BookTok

Submission turn on…

Amber: Anything high concept, fresh and different. In Young Adult, an unreliable narrator. In Middle Grade, a strong, quirky voice or a great mystery! And we still need more diversity and inclusivity in children’s publishing so that every reader can see themselves represented in the books they read, so I’m always pleased to see work by authors from under-represented groups.

Submission turn off…

Amber: Anything that opens with the protagonist getting bullied – only because it’s been done a little too much!

Current children’s read…

Amber: When the World Was Ours by the marvellous Liz Kessler.

Biggest submission wish…

Amber: A Young Adult mystery/thriller with a great LGBTQ+ love story woven in. A Middle Grade protagonist with a really strong and distinctive voice and plenty to say!  More than anything, I just want fantastic writing that grips me from the very first page!

<strong><strong>Amber Caravéo</strong>, <strong>Skylark Literary</strong></strong>
Amber Caravéo, Skylark Literary

Until leaving to set up Skylark Literary, Amber was the Editorial Director at Orion Children’s Books where she was privileged to work with some of the best authors in Children’s and YA fiction today, including Liz Kessler, Caroline Lawrence, Juno Dawson and Holly Black. Prior to that she was Senior Commissioning Editor for Random House Children’s Books, where she worked with a plethora of SAS superhero authors, such as Andy McNab, Chris Ryan and Bear Grylls, and developed fun and fantastic series for kids, such as Gargoylz and Adventure Island.

It all started when Amber went to work for Working Partners far too many years ago, and realized that working creatively with authors to produce wonderful books for children was all she ever wanted to do! She was lucky enough to work on many exciting and successful series, including The Lady Grace Mysteries, My Sister the Vampire, Heartland, Vampire Beach and the million-copy-selling phenomenon, Rainbow Magic.

Amber and Joanna first met when working on a middle-grade adventure series together, Talisman, which Amber developed while she was at Working Partners and Joanna published while she was at Hodder Children’s Books.

Amber now uses her experience to support talented children’s authors, and build happy and successful relationships between writers and publishers.

Twitter: @AmberCaraveo

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