Get help with your submission package before you start querying

Aisha Bushby, author of A Pocketful of Stars and reader for Eve White literay agency, will lead this 5 week course, taking you from pitch to (potentially) publication.

The course outline is below, and each week will focus on a different aspect of preparing for submission. Aisha will provide notes on these areas at the start of each week to give you an opportunity to fine tune your own work, then you’ll post it up for tutor and peer review.

In the final week, Aisha will be joined by a top literary agent, to discuss the whole submission package – letter, synopsis and 1st page – to ensure it’s in the best possible shape before being sent out to agents/publishers.

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Course Leader

Aisha was born in the Middle East and has lived in Kuwait, England and Canada. The first novel she ever worked on was a piece of Harry Potter fan fiction titled ‘Harry Potter and the final Horcrux’. She now writes children’s books, sometimes with a little bit of magic in them. Aisha’s debut middle grade novel, A Pocketful of Stars, is out with Egmont in the summer of 2019.

I am so pleased to be able to offer you a 5-week course all about finding an agent. I will cover everything from searching for the right agent, to editing your first page and query package. I’ll do my best to cater the course to your individual needs, and help you navigate your query from what to expect when you submit, through to how to respond when you receive interest. But, more than that, I want to bridge the gap between authors and agents.

I’m a published author, with over a year of experience working at two different literary agencies. I am also currently a freelance children’s reader. I have experience reading manuscripts and writing reports, chatting to editors and other industry professionals, and attending industry events. This has given me a real insight into what is is publishers want from authors, and has shown me that rejection is a huge part of the industry, no matter what side of the table you are on. Ultimately, we’re all trying to achieve the same goal: to publish great books, but it can sometimes feel like we’re fighting different corners.
This course hopes to get us all on the same page, and help authors find their place in the often scary, but ultimately exciting, world of publishing.

Dates: 7th October – 11th November

Weekly Workshop Day/Time:

Monday at 8-9pm (London, UK time)

Week 1 - Pitch and Premise

Often overlooked until later in the process, but we’ll make sure your premise is hooky, engaging, emotionally laced and jam-packed with conflicts. You’ll also practice and get feedback on your premise and pitches.

Week 2 - first pages

How to hook your reader from the 1st line. Workshop on 1st pages, plus get feedback from Aisha.

Week 3 - query letters

How to write the perfect query letter and hook the agent from the outset. With a workshop on query letters and feedback from Aisha.

Week 4 - Synopses

How to write a synopsis. With a workshop and feedback from Aisha.

Week 5 - Submission packages

A live workshop with the Aisha and a top literary agent, focussing on the synopsis, letter and 1st page, and with last questions, tips, advice on querying and what to do once you hit send.


Claire will join Aisha during the final tutorial in week 5.

Aisha is part of the 2019 WOWCON, and is running a workshop on How to Find an Agent.

More details:

Aisha is also running our Crawley Writing Weekend in January, along with guest agent Ludo Cinelli.

She will run 4 workshops over 2 days.

Workshop details:

SAT AM: Workshop One: Brainstorming ideas for a new story.

SAT PM: Workshop Two: The difference between story and plot, and how to develop both.

SAT PM: 1-2-1s: Ludo Cinelli

SUN AM: Workshop Three: Editing your story and how much it can change.

SUN PM: Workshop Four: Finding the right agent and submitting your manuscript.

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