6-week rhyming picture book course with Catherine Emmett

Catherine Emmett, author of rhyming picture books, will lead WriteMentor‘s 6-week online course, which explores everything that you need to know about writing rhyming picture books. 

Combine flawless rhyme with a strong plot

The course is aimed at picture book writers who are beginning their journey into rhyme. Learn about the unique features of picture books, explaining what is needed for a great concept, and how to combine flawless rhyme with a strong plot. 

Taking your picture book from idea to manuscript

Catherine will deliver an interactive workshop each week on rhyming picture books and set homework to help you take your picture book from conception to polished manuscript.

Along the way Catherine will encourage you to post your work for tutor and peer review to help improve your writing. 

Course summary

Time: 8pm to 9pm (GMT)

Date: See courses page

Frequency: Once a week

Platform: Slack

Course outline

WEEK ONE: What picture book are you writing? 

Introduction to the course and exploration of what rhyming picture book you are writing. Find out whether you have an original concept, discover the core of your story, and decide where your book would sit in the market.

Week TWO: Metre

What is metre and why is it important? Learn what stressed syllables are and examine common metre patterns to ensure that you have a picture book text that rolls off the tongue. 

Week THREE: Rhyme

What makes a beautiful rhyming story? Learn all about the Rules of Rhyme and how to make your picture book sing.

Week FOUR: Plot

Discover the traditional three-act story structure and how it applies to rhyming picture books. Understand what to include in your beginning, your middle and your ending.  

Week FIVE: Layout

Learn about the importance of picture book layout and how your story should interact with the illustrations. At the end of this week each group member will be paired up with another member to critique each other’s work.

Week SIX: Critique Week 

Discuss the previous week’s critiques and look at how to edit your manuscripts ready for submission.   

About the course leader

Catherine Emmett King of the Swamp

Catherine used to work in the City, but quit her job to move to the countryside and write children’s books. She writes rhyming and prose picture books, which are funny and heart-warming, with twisty plots and endearing characters. Her first book was published in 2020 and she has books in development with Simon & Schuster and Macmillan.

You can find out more about Catherine on her website and by following her on Twitter @Emmett_cath

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