Year-Round Mentoring

Due to high demand and success of the #WriteMentor programme, we have decided to offer all year-round mentoring services at, what we hope, are reasonable prices.

Of course, we will continue to offer the free mentoring programme, open to everyone, each year but we also think it’s a waste to have so much experience, knowledge and skills sitting dormant for most of the year when writers out there could benefit from working with one of our mentors.

Below is a list of our core and freelance mentors, and the range of packages we are offering. If you want it and it’s not listed below, get in touch and I can chat to you about accommodating your needs.

– submission package (£100)

– full ms read with report (£250 for MG, £300 for YA – see word allowances below)

– further reads (each subsequent read would be charged at 75% of the original price)

Charge for the standard rate up to 50k for MG and 70k for YA, with add-ones for every 10k (£25 per 10k) beyond those upper limits.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below to confirm availability, and use the comments box for anything which is more specialised and different from what is advertised above.

For example, one of our mentors is keen to look at picture books, while others are happy to look at adult work, too. And one mentor even suggested an ‘encouragement’ package which is more about helping you to finish a piece of work with a shower of feedback and praise. So if you’re looking for something more specific, do get in touch and ask, putting details in the comments box or emailing

Also, please note that we cannot guarantee availability all times, especially for our freelancers, so we may not be able to accept all requests.


Core mentors:

Freelance mentors: