Tickets are now ON SALE!

All the individual agent 1-2-1s are available to be booked into, with time slots and days stated, so be sure to check you’re available for the times stated as there is no flexibility.

Similarly, check the workshop times, because they are also timetabled.

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The speakers are also timed, as are the blog posts, however they will both be available to view all weekend and for a short time after the weekend.

A reminder that in order to do an agent 1-2-1 or workshop, you must also buy a general admission ticket.


A full list and descriptions are here:

The full timetable for all workshops is above.

Agent 1-2-1s

Please check that the agent is doing your age category before booking in. Also check days as there is a large variation.

Each 1-2-1 will last 15 minutes. You will send 10 pages over in advance and this will form the basis of your discussion with the agent.

And finally, do check time zones, as some of our agents are US based and on different time zones.

We will also be doing a draw for everyone who buys a basic ticket, but who perhaps cannot afford an agent 1-2-1, to win a free consultation with an agent. More details to follow, but you need a basic ticket, and have no agent 1-2-1s booked, to be eligible for this.