I am delighted to announce that 2019 will see the arrival of a new (online) writing conference for writers of children’s fiction!

The W.O.W. (#WriteMentor Online Writing) Conference will be a weekend packed with a wide range of activities normally associated with a conference, and many that are not!

Why do we need another conference?

Our aim in setting this up, is to give everyone the opportunity to attend a big conference, when life’s circumstances don’t actually allow most people – busy lives, not affordable, too far to travel and illnesses/conditions, to name a few reasons.

As a writer located in Scotland, and with chronic illness’ and a real lack of time, I know how much I would appreciate this opportunity, so we’re making it a reality.

Who is this conference for?

I should emphasise that this conference is for everyone, not just those who struggle to make the ones in real life…HOWEVER, when signing up for the agents 1-2-1s for example (which are limited for spaces), please do tell us your circumstances and we will take those into account, so that those who are normally disadvantaged can be prioritised and we will allocate a certain number of places in workshops and agent 1-2-1s for those who wouldn’t be able to attend these in person.

*This is not a guarantee that we can fit in everyone, so being fast to apply is imperative. Keep your eyes peeled for the registration opening.

When will it be?

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September 2019.
(though some events, including a few agent 1-2-1s will happen outwith this window).

How much will it cost?

We will launch with FREE FRIDAY! This will include the opening speaker and the first 2 blog posts on the Friday evening. This will be posted to Twitter from @writementor account, as well as on this site, to ensure we are truly giving access to all.

Basic access will be £10 for the full weekend. This includes all the speakers videos and all the blog posts.

To attend workshops and agents 1-2-1s, there will be a supplementary charge, which I’ll explain. It is important to me, not only to ensure access and low cost opportunities for writers, but also to ensure that, when there is an entry fee, industry professionals are paid a fair fee for their work.

(Note: workshops and agent 1-2-1s require a basic access ticket to be purchased in tandem and cannot be purchased discretely.)

Workshops will costs £10 per person (each workshop has 20 places).

1-2-1s will cost £25 for a 15 minute slot.

(These will be in high demand, and it will be first come, first served – so keep an eye out for the date/time that registration begins for this).

Who will be there?

This is evolving and not complete – we will add names as people agree to participate.


Full details here:

Workshop leaders

Full details here:

#WriteMentor Panel

Agents for 1-2-1s

These will be 15 minutes in duration. You will be invited to send 10 pages in advance and these will form the basis of your discussion.

Blog posts

Full details here:

Where do I buy tickets?



Terms and Conditions of sale:

WriteMentor will endeavour to provide you with a great conference, however we understand things can go wrong, both on your part and ours. If it is our fault, we will do all we can to refund or find a suitable alternative. If it is a mistake on your side, there is less we can do.

We can only offer refunds in exceptional circumstances, so do check all bookings before paying.

Once booked into a workshop, or agent 1-2-1, we will not be able to change these, unless availability permits, so again do double check before purchasing.

We can take no responsibility for the comments or feedback received in agent 1-2-1s.