The Road To Publication by Emma Smith-Barton


Before I got my publishing deal, my focus was always on getting an agent. That was the goal, the dream, and I didn’t really think of much beyond that. Back then, in my mind, getting an agent meant getting a publishing deal. But now I know that signing with an agent – as wonderful as it is – is just the start of the process of getting your book out into the world. Here’s what I’ve leant along the way…

1. What happens once you get an agent? 

Say Something: Telling Your Story Through Dialogue by M. Dalto

Fiction needs dialogue.  

Dialogue should be seen as a tool to help propel the plot forward, not something to be feared or avoided. It allows your characters to interact and grow with each other as well as themselves and can also assist in building the world your story creates. Just as descriptive prose can elaborate on a scene, so too can dialogue between your characters and their interactions with one another.  

So, let’s start with an easy question.

What Is Dialogue?


So you’ve written a book, you’ve had beta readers and CPs look at it, you’ve queried it to every last agent in the Writer’s and Artist’s Handbooks, even that one that who’s on a sabbatical to Antarctica, and now you have an agent. (Or maybe you plan to sub to smaller presses yourself). 

Each one of these is a huge milestone and should be celebrated. They show your determination and perseverance in the face of 100s of stinging rejections. That you can get back up again. That you’re in it for the long haul (even if you now feel like a flayed armadillo pegged out in the desert, with a broken leg and the vultures closing in)…

… Now it’s time to go on sub with publishers…

Duh duh duhhhhhh

    Emma Smith-Barton


    Emma is the author of YA novel The Million Pieces of Neena Gill (July 2019, Penguin Random House). She is represented by Jo Unwin.


    M. Dalto


    M. Dalto is a fiction author of adventurous romantic fantasy and her bestselling debut novel, Two Thousand Years, was a 2016 Watty Award winner on She continues to volunteer her time as both a Wattpad Ambassador and a #WriteMentor mentor, where she hopes to engage, assist, and inspire new writers.

    Marisa Noelle


    Marisa Noelle is a writer of young adult and middle grade novels. She leans towards grounded science-fiction, urban fantasy and paranormal but mental health issues are important to her writing too.  Her first book, The Shadow Keepers is out now and her second, The Unadjusteds, in October.