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Concepts, ideas, stand-out pitches and reading as a writer

  • Finding your great book idea by Emma Smith-Barton 
  • 3 simple steps to writing your perfect hook by Julie Marney Leigh
  • 5 tips to read yourself into a better writer by Carolyn Ward

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Openings and hooks

  • In An Age Of Tl;Dr, How To Hook Your Reader by Emma Read
  • Writing Is Like Fishing by Carolyn Ward
  • Openings And Hooks by Chio Zoe
  • First Things First by Lindsay Galvin

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Motivation, writing routine and sticky middles AND writing for younger children

  • Get a routine, get motivated! by Emma Smith-Barton
  • Staying motivated one writing routine at a time by Chio Zoe
  • The ‘Write’ Moment – Identifying Obstacles & Finding What Drives You
    by A.J. Sass
  • Hope and a Happy Ending (or, How to Write for Younger Readers)
    by Emma Read

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Planning, plotting and outlines and social media pros and cons

  • Pantsing, plotting… or plantsing: finding your planning process by Jodi Herlick
  • Plotting like a pro in 8 easy steps by Chio Zoe
  • 5 ways to improve your social media brand by M. Dalto
  • Social media pros & cons by Marisa Noelle 

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Inciting incidents, the new world, maintaining tension AND writing as a job

  • 6 Ways To Make Your Writing Pay by Simon James Green
  • Inciting Incidents And The ‘New World Order’ — Conflict’s Big Moment by Julie Marney Leigh
  • Maintain The Tension: Huffing And Puffing Your Way Through A Saggy Middle! by Lindsay Galvin

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Dialogue AND being on submission to publishers

  • Say Something: Telling Your Story Through Dialogue by M. Dalto
  • The Road To Publication by Emma Smith-Barton
  • Sub That Book Baby! by Marisa Noelle

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