Zoë Plant – WOWCON Agent 1-2-1s (MG, YA)


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I am looking for middle grade and young adult fiction across all genres, as well as adult science-fiction, fantasy, horror and speculative fiction. My tastes lean towards the commercial, and I am particularly interested in seeing submissions from writers from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.

I love middle grade of all types, but my favourite books are those that combine a quirky voice or setting and a sense of fun with a strong emotional core. I’m not afraid of a little darkness, but for this age group I prefer books that have a spark of joy to temper it. That said, I love horror and am very open to stories with a spooky edge.

I adore YA fantasy and am on the hunt for books that can do something different with the genre in a very crowded market. Surprise me! Other things that I would like to find in YA include: scary books for teens, twisty thrillers, grounded sci-fi and fiery, feminist contemporary in the vein of Holly Bourne.

More here: http://www.thebentagency.com/zoe-plant

Times: Thursday - Noon, 12.20pm, 12.40pm, 1pm, 2pm, 2.20pm, 2.40pm, 3pm

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Thursday Noon, Thursday 12.20pm, Thursday 12.40pm, Thursday 1pm, Thursday 2pm, Thursday 2.20pm, Thursday 2.40pm, Thursday 3pm