Talk: Working as co-authors


Perdita & Honor Cargill 

A frank chat about the benefits and the challenges of a daughter and mother writing children’s books together. Not just the process involved in two people (mostly in different places) writing one book in one voice but also the advantages of sharing the ups and downs of publishing.

Honor Cargill began writing when she was about sixteen, co-authoring the funny teen series, Waiting for Callback (Simon & Schuster). Honor read Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Oxford and is now studying for a masters in the History of Art. She enjoys researching party scenes and also writes non-fiction history.

Perdita Cargill spent years working as a commercial barrister before she finally turned to writing. Bizarrely for a pessimistic Scot, she loves to write funny books. She is the co-author with Honor Cargill of the Waiting for Callback series (Simon & Schuster) and lives in London.



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