Steven Evans – WOWCON 1-2-1 – MG, YA


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Find out about Steven here:
Steven is the agency assistant at Eve White, working closely with agents Eve and Ludo on their lists. Steven enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction of all kinds, but has a particular interest in non-fiction which sheds light on under-represented perspectives, communities and histories, and fiction which explores new ideas, challenges the reader, and plays with style, form, character and/or plot. Items on his children’s fiction wish list might include: a fun, adventurous historical MG which explores contemporary issues through an little-known event and/or under-represented perspectives; an international YA thriller with an immediately recognisable hook; a quirky detective/mystery series; unique and innovative literary YA; a contemporary family/relationships drama with a distinctive hook and heart… but, most of all, he just loves to be taken into a world and be surprised by what he reads!

Steven Appointments

Friday 23rd September 12-12.15pm, Friday 23rd September 12.20-12.35pm, Friday 23rd September 12.40-12.55pm, Sunday 25th September 10.30-10.45pm, Sunday 25th September 10.50-11.05pm, Sunday 25th September 11.10-11.25pm


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