Lindsay Galvin | Backstory blues


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Lindsay Galvin | Backstory blues

Backstory Blues - explains why we need backstory, how much is too much, and tips on how to include it.

Lindsay Galvin has written two children's books - THE SECRET DEEP - teen contemporary speculative thriller (2018 Chicken house Books/Scholastic USA) and DARWIN'S DRAGONS MG Historical (2021 Chicken House Books/Scholastic USA). She is currently working on another MG plus her first adult novel.

Lindsay openly shares her experiences with Generalised Anxiety Disorder with the writing community. She is a slush pile conqueror, who entering the writing world 7 years agao with no connections, not even a twitter account! Lindsay has loved working with @writementor since the beginning, is a Write Mentor Writing Weekend tutor, leader of the 6 week Write Master UMG course, and has mentored many authors through the Write Mentor Spark programme - one of which now has a book on the shelves...