Lina Langlee – WOWCON 1-2-1 – MG, YA


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Find out about Lina here:
I am looking for voice-led and transportive stories across all genres from middle grade and up. I love fun and moving MG and big emotion YA. I also love things inspired by folklore and mythology across the world. More specifically, I’d love to see more sci-fi for teens, YA romance, something winter-y, something creepy, something tied to food culture (not necessarily all three at once) – and more own voices.

Lina Appointments

Tuesday 20th 10-10.15, Tuesday 20th 10.15-10.30, Tuesday 20th 10.30-45, Tuesday 20th 10.45-11, Thursday 22th 10-10.15, Thursday 22th 10.15-10.30, Thursday 22th 10.30-45, Thursday 22th 10.45-11


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