Kat Kerr – WOWCON Agent 1-2-1s (YA)


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Kat joined Donald Maass Literary Agency in 2019. She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors in English in 2009 and is drawn to literary and commercial voices within the adult and YA markets, as well as adult nonfiction. Kat feels strongly about supporting programs like We Need Diverse Books and is passionate about creating space in this industry for those from historically marginalized communities.

For YA, I like works with a lot of heart. I'm pretty open to YA across all the different genres. I used to devour Christopher Pike books so I will absolutely take on a YA Horror and Thriller even though I don't look for them within Adult. I love a good dark fantasy, and books based on folklore as opposed to fairy tales--anything that tips the hat to oral story-telling traditions. I'm also open to urban fantasies that provide a fresh spin on what we've normally seen so far.

I am super into historical, but I find myself a bit picky regarding backdrop. I lean more towards post-1950s, or historical periods set prior to European colonialism.

Times: Friday 8pm, 8.20pm, 8.40pm, 9pm, Saturday - 2pm, 2.20pm, 2.40pm, 3pm

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Friday 8pm, Friday 8.20pm, Friday 8.40pm, Friday 9pm, Saturday 2pm, Saturday 2.20pm, Saturday 2.40pm, Saturday 3pm