Charlie Castelletti (Macmillan Children’s Books) – WOWCON 1-2-1 – PB, CB, MG, YA


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I work as an Editor at Macmillan Children’s books, with a focus on young fiction, middle-grade, YA, poetry and non-fiction through ages 6-18. 

I read across all genres, and enjoy a cast of compelling characters reflective of the world today. I am a strong advocate for diversifying bookshelves.

For MG, I love anything funny. For YA, everything from a feel-good romance with a clear hook or newly-spun trope, to a star-crossed lovers’ story destined to break my heart.

I am also an agented writer. I write across the ages, from Picture Books and Middle Grade through to Adult fiction and non-fiction (both literary and commercial).

Charlie's Times

Monday 19th September 5.30-5.45pm, Monday 19th September 5.45-6pm, Monday 19th September 6-6.15pm, Monday 19th September 6.15-6.30pm, Monday 19th September 6.30-6.45pm, Tuesday 20th September 5.30-5.45pm, Tuesday 20th September 5.45-6pm, Tuesday 20th September 6-6.15pm, Tuesday 20th September 6.15-6.30pm, Tuesday 20th September 6.30-6.45pm


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