5-week WriteWords course with Lindsay Galvin

Ever admired a sentence written by your favourite author and wondered how they do it? Or been so immersed in a good story you barely notice the words at all, but feel like you are there? The good news is the construction of sentences that sing ‘professional storyteller’ is a craft that can be learned, a skill that can be honed.

Improve your storytelling at the word and sentence level, develop your writing style, and refine your fine editing skills with author Lindsay Galvin (THE SECRET DEEP, DARWIN’S DRAGONS) on WriteMentor’s writing fundamentals course. 

Learn from an expert mentor and editor

This course is inspired by Lindsay’s work as a mentor and editor where she often helps writers with the nuts-and-bolts of their writing. In the 5-week WriteWords course for children’s and Young Adult writers, Lindsay will teach you tools and techniques, pick through conflicting writing advice and address the specifics of how the written word we are all familiar with can be used to the best effect in your storytelling. 

Receive tutor and peer feedback

Each week, discover a different craft aspect, guided by tasks and resources written by Lindsay herself. Develop your writing with the support and encouragement of your fellow participants as a separate peer-feedback channel is provided for you to post your weekly tasks where and you are encouraged to edit your fellow writer’s work.

The WriteWords course includes weekly interactive sessions on Slack with original and clear notes written by Lindsay, a feedback channel will also be set up for posting your weekly homework task and reviewing each other’s work to develop critical skills.

Feedback structure:

Lindsay will give feedback on assignments from 3-4 students each week and post it on the peer channel, which means everyone gets feedback from Lindsay on ONE of their assignments during the course, but also benefits from reading her feedback on the other attendees work every week. 

Course info

  • Time: 8pm to 9pm (GMT)
  • Frequency: once a week
  • Platform: Slack

week 01

Adjectives and adverbs

Introduction to the course and guidelines for peer feedback. Tips for effective description and how to avoid ‘purple prose’. Learn why adjectives and adjectives have a bad rep, and how to sprinkle them like seasoning.

week 02

Passive Vs Active Voice

How to tell the difference and manipulate both for superb storytelling.

week 03

Sentence and Song

How to vary length and construction for clarity and emphasis and create that ‘perfect to read aloud’ quality.

week 04

Dialogue Dramas

From dialogue tags to talking heads, get those characters talking like they own the place.

week 05

Tense and Point of view

How to choose wisely for your story, keep consistent, and tighten the relationship between character and reader word by word.

and beyond

Writers group

Stay connected with your fellow writers on our Slack group.

Time: 8pm-9pm

Cost: £95

Maximum number of participants: 20

Location: Online

About the course tutor

Lindsay Galvin is an author writing for middle grade, teen and adults. A qualified teacher with 20 years experience, she is also a WriteMentor tutor, mentor and staff writer, and provides manuscript services. She lives on the south coast with three boys, two cats and one puppy. 

Lindsay’s first book The Secret Deep came out in the UK in 2018, with her second book Darwin’s Dragons to be released January 2021. She writes Young Adult, Middle Grade and has adult and younger fiction works in progress.

Lindsay came late to writing, self-taught, after a career teaching which is now part time. She is a slush-pile (talent pool!) conqueror who came from nowhere and had no contacts and – although it took a while – had the first ever book she wrote published by Chicken House.

An experienced teacher, Lindsay’s workshop style is upbeat, constructive and focuses on the practical. She is sensitive to those at different stages of their writing journeys and the courage it takes to share work. Her workshops have a positive supportive atmosphere, intended to empower writers.

Darwin's Dragons novel by Lindsay Galvin

Hear from past students

I really enjoyed talking part in this course with Lindsay and a fantastic group of children’s writers. Each week we took part in an informative and friendly online session followed with writing tasks and peer feedback to complete throughout the week. This is an excellent course for getting to grips with different writing styles and techniques!

Anna Moutran

This was such an enjoyable course and great value for money. Even though the sessions flew by they were jam-packed with information and tips. I loved the writing prompts, it helped me try new styles and pushed me to be a better writer. I can’t wait to put what I learned into practice in my own manuscripts. It was great to be able to connect with other writers too. Thanks, Write Mentor and thanks, Lindsay, looking forward to doing another course soon.

Estelle Grace Tudor

This was a great opportunity to examine and experiment with different aspects of my writing. We explored passive and active voice, POV, tense, dialogue and sentence structure. There were also great weekly prompts to inspire creativity. Lindsay is really organised and structured the course so well. She’s also incredibly supportive. As well as having the opportunity to work with a published author, it was so much fun to share work with the other lovely writers and to learn from them.

Marie Day

If you love writing you’ve got to do this course. Lindsay is a fantastic teacher. She covers all the pesky technicalities and helps you understand how these can be wielded to create a great story.


If I could relive my schools days again, I’d want Lindsay as a teacher. The sessions were full of knowledge, excellent examples and analysis, and positive group discussion and feedback. At first, I was worried about not getting the basics right but this course helped me brush up on grammar and the key blocks of writing BUT ALSO it taught me how to do it well and put it into practice. Every week there was a homework task with a marvellous prompt and I’ve never felt more confident to tackle new ways of writing beyond my usual safe choices. The group space was caring and welcoming. I hope we can all stay in contact and cheer each other on!


Every single week I learnt a ton of new stuff and I feel like its made me a better writer. I would recommend it to anyone keen to hone their craft.

Alex Atkinson

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