Summer #WriteMentor Mentoring Programme dates:

– now until 10th Feb – Mentor applications

– Feb-Mar – Agent registration

– 15-17th April – Mentee applications

– 30th Apr – Mentee/Mentor pairing announcement

– 1 May – 31 Aug – Mentoring period

– Sept – Agent Showcase

For the prospective mentors

A few words on mentors and those considering applying.

Applications for mentors are open from now until the 10th Feb.

As always, I am VERY open as to who we take on as mentors. We probably can’t say YES to everyone who applies, but if you’re on the fence, go for it, or chat with me. Don’t self-reject.

So many of my writing friends told me last year that they didn’t think they’d be any good or be able to help their mentees. Imposter Syndrome struck hard. But they had a go anyway and the feedback from their mentees blew the imposter out of the water!

Please trust in yourself and your experience and ability. I certainly will, if you apply, and are successful. We are looking for writers with experience and skills to help another writer. Who have great values and altruistic reasons for applying.

We are looking for agented/published writers, editors, anyone who works in the industry and has experience of working with writers and feels they can offer valuable skills and experience to improve another writer’s craft and manuscript.

This year, we are fully open to PB, CB, MG and YA mentors.

The form will be short and not too time-consuming but we will ask why you’re applying and a little about your experience/background.



We are keeping our bi-level structure that we used last year.

This means there will be two options you can apply to.

A. submission package/partial

B. full manuscript

A. submission package/partial

If you apply for the sub package/partial option, you will work with a mentor on those aspects but we forsee this taking much less than 4 months, so you’d be free to query once you’re done. If you apply for this option, there is no agent showcase at the end.

I would imagine your mentor will help you with querying at this stage, but this option is for those who don’t want a complete overhaul (or are not able to commit to overhauling a full ms in the summer).

However, if you work on your entire manuscript all summer, beyond the partial feedback given by your mentor, and haven’t submit to agents involved before the showcase, we will be able to consider your entry in the showcase.

B. full manuscript

For those applying for a full manuscript mentorship, this will mean a full 4 month commitment to overhauling your manuscript to make it submission ready for the agent showcase.

The expectation is that you will be open to making larger changes to your manuscript and spending all/most of your summer making your manuscript the very best it can be. If this is not possible for you, no worries, but do apply for A instead.

This is not the option for those who aren’t able to work intensively or are not responsive to making large changes to their novels. You are going to receive 4 months of mentorship from an experienced writer, so the expectations are greater.

We are keeping the extended the overall period of this years programme.

This is again in response to feedback we received from last years mentees. This extra time allowed for not only large structural overhauls, when they are needed, but also the finer elements. The feedback we received felt the period was about right and fewer people struggled to manage than in the previous year.

Smaller application window

Again, in the interest of the applicants welfare, we have reduced our application window again. This is to ensure that the painful wait between applying and receiving a decision is reduced and less stressful/anxious.

The window for applicants is 15th-17th April.

There were many positives last year, but we also appreciate there are things we could have done better. We will address all of those suggestions and will endeavour to improve the programme in every aspect this year.

What do I need to apply?

You will need to have a completed manuscript.

You will need to send us a query letter, 1st chapter (double-spaced, 12″ TNR), and 1-page synopsis (single-spaced) along with your application, so ensure these are as good as they can be. The first chapter should be no more than 3,000 words.

For Picture Books, please send the full text. Illustrations are not needed, but illustrator notes are fine.

You can apply to 3 mentors. So be sure to research them thoroughly and chat to them during our Twitter Mentor chat week, starting 8th April.

It is 1 application (1 novel) per person.