Quiet Books

There are such things as quiet books. These are often high concept, gentle and lyrical. One of my favourites is ‘The Fox and the Star’ (by Coralie Bickford-Smith). 

But do make sure your story is quiet for the right reasons. If an agent or editor describes your dinosaur or pirate adventure as quiet, they could mean that that your plot or voice needs an injection of energy or more of a hook. 

Types of Quiet Books: 

1) Naturally gentle books – original concepts. Voice often lyrical or rhythmic. 

2) Quiet for the Wrong Reasons – The idea is not BIG enough or written in a quiet way. Add a hook, pace, suspense and excitement. 

When I critique and give feedback on writers’ stories, it’s always very hard when a story is beautifully written, but the idea isn’t quite standout enough. Thinking about your idea before you begin can help to ensure it is strong and unique enough, thus making the end text more marketable. This will also mean you are working more efficiently, writing ideas that are fully fleshed-out, as opposed to investing your time in the ones that might not yet be BIG enough to go the distance. Having said that, sometimes you have to write about your characters to find out what the thread of your story is. More about this is character and plotting