Write a minimum of five one line pitches for possible picture book texts. Share your top three pitches with a trusted critique partner and ask them to vote for their favourite. Return the favour and do the same for your friend. Have a think about what makes a good pitch. 


Pitch = Important key to selling the story and it will develop as you understand your story better 

Try including: 

1. Main plot thread of hero vs villain/villainous force.

2. Convey the emotional journey the hero has to go on.

3. Indication of the theme.

4. Something of the world.

5. Be original.

6. Be intriguing so raises questions.

7. Be exciting.

8. Do not despair (editors can take hours trying to get pitches right).

9. Have fun with it. 😀 

There is some useful information from industry professionals here, in terms of how much to include in your pitch and what not to give away (although it’s not specific to picture books) https://childrensbooksnorth.blogspot.com/2021/02/childrens-books-north-cbnpitch2021.html 

You might also find one of the formats below helpful: 

An [interesting character] must [do something] in order to [achieve something] or else they [insert consequence] 

Somebody [interesting main character] 

Wanted [character goal] 

But [what is the conflict/ problem?] 

So [how did they solve the problem?] 

Then [what is the resolution/how does it end?] 

This is a story about ______________________________ 

Who more than anything else wants __________________ (Alternate: Who more than anything else fears_________________) 

But can’t get it because of these complications: (Alternate: But has to face it because of these complications:) 




UNTIL (climax/resolution) 

Who? _____________ 

What? ______________ 

When? _______________ 

Why? ______________ 

Where? _______________ 

How? __________________ 

There’s some great advice on this link, too. Although it’s aimed at screen writers, I still think it’s quite relevant: https://screencraft.org/2020/02/26/the-simple-guide-to-writing-a-logline/