Eighteen-year-old Evangeline will stop at nothing to protect her friend from being the next human slave to go missing, but when she is faced with defying her Nyte master, one of the beautiful winged creatures that rule the kingdom of Peredia, and choosing who to trust, she will have to risk it all—including her sanity.

A mere human in a world of Nytes—creatures that outrank humans in every way—eighteen-year-old Evangeline is forced to serve the kingdom of Peredia and the Nytes that rule it. With no recollection of her past except for a mysterious marking on her hand, Evangeline is isolated from the other humans who are forced to work as slaves. Instead, the kingdom’s advisor, Lord Ryker, keeps her as his own personal pet where he can keep a close eye on her.

Ceven LuRogue, the youngest prince of Peredia and bastard son of the queen, has spent the past two years in the country of Atiaca. When he returns to discover that humans are going missing and that his childhood friend, Evangeline, is a suspect, he fights to protect her—and figure out why.

But time is running out, and when another human goes missing, Evangeline will stop at nothing, even defying her Nyte master, to protect her only friend from being next. Forced to rely on her old friend, the handsome Prince Ceven, and a new, dangerous enemy, Evangeline will have to choose who she can trust to help save her friend—before it’s too late.

KINGDOM OF NYTE is a YA fantasy complete at 110912 words with series potential.

I’m a recent college graduate trying to survive the Florida heat. I’ve always had a soft spot for the YA fantasy genre. I was originally inspired with this idea when I was fifteen and have been developing it over the years into the completed piece it is today.

Thank you so much for your time,

Alexandra L Coleman


The full moon’s light grazed through bare branches, spotlighting what she had been searching for all night. The opening was narrow and slender, the withered tree opening up its carcass, revealing the perfect hiding spot.

Evangeline smiled, even as blood seeped from her chapped lips, snow dusting the top of her fur coat down to her leather boots. This is it. This will be the one.

The tree’s branches shook in rhythm with her hand, which was more bone than skin, as she reached towards the heart of the tree. She felt the grooves of the wood through her thin gloves, the coldness of its bark melding into her skin. Next time, she would make sure not to forget her fur-lined gloves.

Her fingers teased the hollow opening, ready to jump back if something unpleasant came crawling out, before delving in. It was just enough space for what she needed.

She licked away the blood on her lips and bent down, unstrapping her leather bag to reveal the cloth bundle inside along with a few other survival essentials. A double knot kept the dried foods and stolen supplies safely inside the cloth.

Evangeline tucked back a lock of her blonde hair and tried to shove the sack through the gap.

No luck. The bag was bigger than she remembered.

She huffed in frustration; the wisp of hot breath instantly overtaken by the wind. It was going to fit. She didn’t have all night to search this winter wasteland for another spot.

Bringing up her elbow, she dug it into the bag, pushing down harder. Get in the damn tree!She mentally screamed, her feet sliding backwards. With a crack, part of the tree gave way, but it was enough for the sack to fit in the opening, albeit a bit snug.

Heaving from the effort, she gave an exasperated laugh. Almost giddy. Right before her lips returned to their narrowed grimness.

This trip better be worth it.

And she wasn’t done yet.

Peering over her shoulder, she grimaced against the slap of wind. She felt as if she had walked a thousand steps, and yet she could still see the massive walls of the kingdom of Peredia in the distance, it’s presence like a looming stalker, watching her every movement. Her nostrils flared, her body quivering, whether from the cold or the idea of having to return to a place she despised, she couldn’t quite tell. Maybe both.

The kingdom of Peredia, her begrudging home and nightmare, laid beyond the wide stretch of barren winter land she currently traveled. Humans, like herself, were merely slaves to the kingdom’s inhabitants—creatures that out populated humans, taking their place in the higher ranks of this world. They called themselves Nytes, but she liked to think they were no more than self-righteous monsters.