Wolf longs to complete her lonely song and make the Arctic hum. But when she searches the shoreline for her songs missing notes, Wolf treads dangerously close to the edge of the ice. She must rely on friendship and the power of music to save herself—and reunite land and sea in a magical Arctic melody.

THE WOLF AND THE WHALE is a 525-word picture book with a subtle message about the importance of working together to achieve environmental harmony. It is suitable for children aged 3 to 6 who enjoy The Way Home For Wolf,by Rachel Bright and Jim Field, The Storm Whale in Winter,by Benji Davies and The Last Wolf, by Mini Grey.

I am a 2019 WriteMentor mentee and also won close second place in the January 2019 SCBWI Slushpile Challenge picture book competition. In 2017, I received special mention in the October SCBWI Slushpile Challenge picture book competition and was also twice    shortlisted for the Oh Zoe! Rising Talent Award. Ive completed picture book courses with Curtis Brown, Blue Elephant Story Shaping and Jericho Writers. Ive also attended several Nosy Crow Picture Book Masterclasses, plus many events through SCBWI, Bloomsbury and the Childrens Book Circle.

I’ve previously worked as a journalist in the UK and Qatar, and have had numerous articles published. I have many other completed picture book texts, which I would love to share with you. I enclose the first 220 words of THE WOLF AND THE WHALE below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my submission.

With best wishes,

Frances Tosdevin


by Frances Tosdevin

Spread 1 [illustration note: Wolf is an Arctic wolf ]

Wolf loved to sing. She sang to the eagles and the elks, to the foxes and the fir trees and to the magical midnight moon. But with no-one to sing with, Wolfs song was not complete, and she feared she may never find the missing notes to make the Arctic hum.

Spread 2

One day, as Wolfs sad solo soared skywards, she heard something wonderful wafting on the wind. It was a watery serenade. And it was getting closer.

Wolf hurtled down highlands, rushed over rocks and edged over ice, until she came to the shore.

Spread 3

Oh Whale!said Wolf. Why have you come here? Isnt it dangerous for you to wallow in the shallows?

I had to follow the singing,said Whale. The tremble of trees I heard blowing on the breeze—it’s the missing part of my song. And it seemed to be coming from the land!

I heard some singing, too,said Wolf. Its the watery serenade I need to complete mysong. But it seemed to be coming from the sea. Perhaps the singer lives on the shoreline, then? Shall we wait and listen for a while?

Spread 4

So Wolf and Whale listened silently together.

Moose munched, seals splashed, and polar bears padded.

But there was no singing. The trees and the seas were strangely still.