Magic Wanda is a maestro! She flicks with flair, points with purpose, and channels magical power with pinpoint precision. Surely, any magician would pluck Wanda right off the store shelf despite the botched notch near her tip-top. When she finds she’s the last wand standing, she wonders if she’ll ever take her turn on the stage. After the shelf is stocked with new friends, Wanda soon discovers the most rewarding magic happens behind the scenes.

I am pleased to submit MAGIC WANDA, a 430-word picture book for ages 4-8, described as STUMPKIN meets HAROLD LOVES HIS WOOLLY HAT. This story can be used in the classroom setting to supplement Social Emotional Learning curricula as it celebrates the magic of self-confidence, selflessness, and discovering your purpose.

I am a member of SCBWI and moved to the U.S. after ten years of teaching second grade on the island of Guam. I have other completed manuscripts available upon request.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Shereen T. Sepitko



Ever since Wanda was a twig on a tree, she knew she was meant for magic.

She was cut out for show biz.      [art: The creation of Wanda as a magic wand.]

Shaped for the stage.

Pared to work with a magician.

In fact, all the magic wands at Abracadabra Showroom were crafted to perform amazing acts.

But out of the entire bundle on display, Wanda stood out. [art: A crook appears near her tip.]

“No matter, my mark adds spark!” she said, as she flicked with flair and pointed with purpose.

[Other wands speaking:]

“Star style!”

“Deliciously dramatic!”

“Your power packs a punch.”

The wands all agreed. “You’d be any magician’s pick.”

Magicians appeared . . . and disappeared, with wands vanishing—POOF—right along with them.

The wands were stumped! Wanda wasn’t picked at all.