THE CAT WHO WAS A CANINE, complete at 350 words, tells of a spunky dog born biologically feline and his search for a friend who can see the hound inside.

Mistaken for a cat at the animal shelter, this mighty mutt knows that to get adopted he needs to find a dog lover. That’s not going to happen in the cattery. Taking matters into his own paws, he sniffs out a girl in the kennels and tries to prove his poochiness, hoping she’ll take him home. His doggy antics and charm help her realize he’s truly a canine and just the pet she’s been looking for.

This humorous, character-driven picture book for 3- to 7-year-olds, written in the vein of RED: A CRAYON’S STORY and JULIAN IS A MERMAID, is a story about acceptance and being true to your inner self. It’s a tale for everyone who has ever felt that they didn’t fit the label others applied to them.

I am a member of SCBWI and a 2019 #WriteMentor program mentee. I have an MA in journalism and formerly made my career in community newspapers and magazines. I have lots of animal experience as a shelter volunteer and board member and as a pet mom to both cats and dogs.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hollie Wolverton


The Cat Who Was a Canine

I’m a dog, a pooch, a mutt. (Illo Note: cat in appearance)

I live at an animal shelter, which wouldn’t be so bad except for one thing.

They think I’m a cat!

I bark.


They say, “Oh hello, Mr. Frisky Whiskers.”

I detest being called that, so I growl.


“Pretty kitty is cranky,” they say. “How about a treat?”

I lick my chops and launch into my best tricks—sit, beg, lie down, play dead.

“What a clever cat!”

Ugh, tuna treats.

I. Want. BACON.

I’m fed up with being mistaken for a feline!

Time to sniff out a dog lover to spring me from this shelter.  (Illo Note: escapes to hallway)

Hmm, this scent is promising…


Yip-yip, yap-yap, woof-woof, ruff-ruff.

Why’s everyone so excited?

Ah, they must be barking at her. (Illo Note: little girl, clothing or accessories indicate dog lover)

I bet she knows a mutt when she meets one.

“Hi kitty-cat!”