Michael Lunsford – #WriteMentor Success Stories

https://twitter.com/LunsfordMichael/status/1049422400385765376 Michael Lunsford recently took part in our #WriteMentor programme and has now gone onto sign with a literary agent for his story, DEREK HYDE KNOWS SPOOKY WHEN HE SEES IT. Congratulations on your recent...

#WriteMentor Success Stories – AJ Vanderhorst

We welcome 2018 mentee, AJ Vanderhorst, to chat about his #WriteMentor experience and his recent, great news. Tell us a little about you and your writing journey to date. I’m a middle-aged, moderately exhausted dad, and I’ve been seriously trying to write fiction...

#WriteMentor Success Stories – Jenny Pearson

Interviewed by K.C. Karr Jenny, what about Carolyn’s bio convinced you to sub to her? Carolyn was a ninja, so I couldn’t sub to her. She had to pick me, and I am very pleased she did. Carolyn, what made you fall in love with Daniel Strange and the Prime Minister’s...

Lydia Massiah – #WriteMentor Success Stories

https://twitter.com/lydia_massiah/status/1041712366784790528 Interview by K.C. Karr The best part of being a #WriteMentor is seeing authors make their dreams come true. We’re thrilled to share the success story of author Lydia Massiah and her mentor Kathryn Clark....

Sarah Barkoff Palma – #WriteMentor Success Stories

Congratulations on signing with Evernight Teen for you novel, THE WANDERERS! 🎉 https://twitter.com/SarahBPalma/status/1104086092628799491 Sarah, what about Brandy’s bio convinced you to sub to them?  Well, I was looking for someone who was offering a full manuscript...

Hannah Kates – #WriteMentor Success Stories

https://twitter.com/HannahKates1/status/1080917574731223040 Interview by KC Karr Congratulations on signing with your agent! Hannah, what about Marisa’s bio convinced you to sub to her? Thank you for the kind wishes! At the time I submitted to #WM, I had just lost my...

Jenni Spangler – #WriteMentor Success Stories

https://twitter.com/JenniSpangler1/status/1043218683655593986 Jenni, what about Lindsay’s bio convinced you to sub to her? Lindsay’s description of her own experience and what she hoped to find in a mentor made me think we’d work really well together. Her book hadn’t...

Haleigh Wenger – #WriteMentor Success Stories

https://twitter.com/haleighwenger/status/1086305165811036160 Interview by KC Karr Haleigh, what about Brandy’s bio convinced you to sub to her? Brandy writes YA contemporary romance and so do I, so right away I knew we’d be compatible. What really got me excited,...

#WriteMentor Success Stories – Clare Golding

We interviewed Clare Golding recently, a #WriteMentor mentee from 2018, mentored by A.M. Dassu. Clare has just secured representation and is about to go on submission with her book to publishers. First we asked her mentor, A.M. Dassu:- What made you choose to work...

Amy McCaw – #WriteMentor Success Stories

https://twitter.com/YAundermyskin/status/1056969023039201281 Amy, what about Marisa’s bio convinced you to sub to her? Marisa’s bio immediately made me think that we would work well together. She has a lot of writing experience and has spent time and effort developing...

How to win the #WriteMentor Children’s Novel Award by Alexandra Page

Alexandra Page was the #WriteMentor Children's Novel Award winner for 2019. We chatted to her after winning here. Below, she gives her best advice to those hoping to enter this year and become the 2020 winner. Full details of the 2020 award here. Things to do Focus on...

#WriteMentor Success Stories – Kari Veenstra

Recently, we spoke with 2018 mentee, Kari Veenstra, about her latest announcement of a publication deal and what's happened before and since. Tell us a little about you and your writing journey to date. My mother homeschooled me in the remote jungles of Papua New...

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We welcome WriteMentor Children's Novel Award runner-up, Kathryn Lougheed, to discuss her writing, her experience of the competition and what comes next. Tell us a little about you and your writing journey to date. I started writing over ten years ago when I happened...

AJ Sass – #WriteMentor Success Stories

https://twitter.com/matokah/status/1053703050429222912 AJ, what about Caroline’s bio convinced you to sub to her? So many things. Caroline is a writer of an award-winning contemporary Middle Grade manuscript, for one. Since my #WriteMentor submission was my first...

#WriteMentor Success Stories – Nicole Brake

https://twitter.com/NicoleAlana/status/1126147243864723456 - What made you apply to #WriteMentor 2018? My story is probably a lot longer than many success stories, so get comfortable! I started writing Chasing Blood & Scoundrels in 2015. After several revisions, a...

Katie Bono – #WriteMentor Success Stories

https://twitter.com/lilk8tob/status/1067441687788732416 Katie, what about KC’s bio convinced you to sub to her? KC mentioned in her bio that she was good at tough love, which is exactly what I needed. I was desperate for someone to tell me how to fix my manuscript,...

Tammy Oja – #WriteMentor Success Stories

https://twitter.com/tammy_oja/status/1054837239312773125 Tammy, what about Candace’s bio convinced you to sub to her? Everything. Candace (@Literarydust) is dynamic, outgoing, and kind. She’s got great editing game and her writing style is quick pacing and a great...

I feel unbelievably lucky to have been selected for #writementor. It is incredible how much a supportive network and a dedicated mentor can do for your writing. #writementor not only gave me the tools and the determination to improve my manuscript, but also an insight into the industry. I cannot recommend this wonderful community enough and feel indebted to Stuart for setting it up.

Jenny Pearson

2018 Mentee, Now Agented and being Published

Writementor is a fantastic opportunity with a wonderful, supportive community. I fully expect a lot of debuts will have #writementor and Stuart to thank in the coming years.

Jenni Spangler

2018 Mentee, Now Agented

#WriteMentor has been a game changer for me. Very quickly I found I had complete faith in my mentor’s opinions, as pretty much everything she said hit home. With her advice and insight I rewrote my opening, and submitted it to a literary festival and a competition. Talk about immediate results!! I was short-listed in the competition, while a publisher at the literary festival expressed interest in my writing. From there I have gone on to secure an agent, all in three months. I know that sounds like a fairy tale, but if you are prepared to work, and to listen to advice, then working with a mentor can change your luck completely. If someone already published, agented, or just ahead of you in terms of writing experience, chooses your story because they feel an affinity to it, you have the perfect critic of your work. A mentor is uniquely supportive, and their experience affords you the opportunity to improve in great leaps. I’ve had other eyes on my work before, and masses of constructive feedback, but this felt the most supportive, and best informed. I am immensely grateful to my mentor, and the scheme. I can’t believe how much it has changed everything for me. But it totally has transformed my progress.

Lydia Massiah

2018 Mentee, Now Agented and being Published

My time as a WriteMentor mentee was challenging, uplifting, productive & immensely rewarding. The incredible support of the WM community allowed me to push myself to make my manuscript the best it could be. I worked so hard! And my mentor & fellow mentees cheered me on the entire time. Not only do I have a manuscript I’m incredibly proud of, I have a new community of writing friends who I know will be with me through thick & thin.

Nicole Brake

2018 Mentee, Now Agented

I joined #WriteMentor after losing my first publishing contract. Author Marisa Noelle went above and beyond helping me get back on my feet with a whole new book, an amazing pitch, and a query that slays! The community in this program is incredible.

Hannah Kates

2018 Mentee, Now Agented

Write Mentor was the best thing to happen to my writing. I gained an amazing mentor, new writer friends, and an encouraging community. Best of all, I’m a much stronger and more confident writer because of the program. 

Haleigh Wenger

2018 Mentee, Now Published

Looking back over #WriteMentor, I’m still in shock at how much my mentor, KC, and I accomplished. She was honest with me about the problems with my manuscript, and after tearing it apart, was there for me while I put it back together. She taught me how to be a stronger writer, and I’m so grateful for everything.

Katie Bono

2018 Mentee, Now Agented

#WriteMentor has helped me to make my manuscript and submission package so much better and has massively improved my confidence. My mentor, Marisa Noelle, has taught me so much and given constructive, thoughtful feedback. I’m ready to start querying because of #WriteMentor and I’ve become part of a friendly, supportive community that will last beyond the process.

Amy McCaw

2018 Mentee, Now Agented