Dear Agent,

THE SECRET AGENCY is a completed 86K word YA Fantasy featuring the intertwining narratives of two sixteen-year-old girls, born 1500 years apart.

San Francisco trouble-magnet Terra Anderson desperately needs a job. Her guardian is in the hospital, rent is overdue, and she can’t even land a gig cat-sitting. When she finds a tiny, blue sphere that saddles her with uncontrollable magic powers, a secret organization steps in to offer her employment and support. She moves to the group’s fabulous headquarters, Fairview, and kicks off an avalanche of complications when she finds a second orb— one stolen from the organization’s vault.

Meanwhile, Morgan leFay, sixth-century enchantress of Arthurian legend, discovers a hidden cache of spheres that endow her with extraordinary magic abilities. A jealous friend will stop at nothing— even murder— to gain the orbs for her own use, and a magic battle over control of the spheres ensues. A spell goes awry, stranding Morgan in the 21st century and trapping her true love, teenage con-man Merlin, in a stony prison of suspended animation.

While a disguised Morgan works covertly at Fairview to find a way to rescue Merlin, Terra blunders headfirst into danger by uncovering clues to a series of orb thefts. Her discovery of a hidden chamber containing a mummified body triggers a brutal attack on the organization. Morgan and Terra must team up to stop the mastermind behind the thefts before he can wreak havoc, and to recover a stolen orb that holds the power to free Merlin.

THE SECRET AGENCY’s retelling of the Sword in the Stone legend gets a distinct “herstory” revision, sure to make Sir Thomas Mallory roll in his grave. Dual-world adventure, humor, and antagonistic romance will appeal to fans of INUYASHA, while the complications of dealing with paranormal powers in the modern world will interest readers of the RAVEN CYCLE series.

I received my BFA from Mills College in Oakland, California, where I live with my husband, two kids and a troublemaking Westie named Fluffbutt. My background is in library work and I am currently working for the library division of

Thank you for your time and consideration.

With kindest regards,

MacKeNZie Davis


Modern Day San Francisco (the not-so-elegant part)

The heat of his stare felt like a bad rash on the side of my face. He’d been watching for three blocks now, eyes pinned without blinking. I used the jounce of the bus to shift over and add another inch of space between me and the leering corn chip breath guy. He retaliated by scooting closer. The smell of nacho cheese powder almost— but not quite— overcame the heady scent of acrid armpit and dried barf emanating from him.

I opened the lumpy purse on my lap and extracted a small mirror, keeping my body turned to avoid revealing the presence of all seventeen crumpled dollars of my life savings. A quick check confirmed my teeth were clean and my uncooperative hair as tidy as possible.

He nudged an elbow against me. “Wanna corn chip, sweetie?” I pulled out my phone and pretended to be on it. Not my first corn chip guy.

I was not looking forward to the next stop. Most of the time, I look upon exiting the bus as a reward at the end of a tedious, annoying, sometimes gross and occasionally risky journey. Today, I just wanted to stay put. Looming ahead lay job interview number nine, latest in an ongoing series of dismal and unsuccessful encounters wherein I’d been not-too-gently informed I was either underage or under-qualified for everything from cat sitting to burrito rolling.

Did I have some kind of sign over my head blinking: “I’m just kidding about needing a job?” I reached up and felt around for it. Yep, I looked weird, but have you ever ridden the bus? I fit right in, trust me.

Corn chip guy cast a suspicious glance my way, clutched his bag a little tighter and increased the number of inches between us. I kept the phone pushed against my ear and stared vacant-eyed through the windows across the aisle as buildings blurred by, worry jab-jab-jabbing at my empty stomach. Maybe I should have taken him up on his offer.