Dear Agent,

Fourteen-year-old Prok Zandin has one goal — become a Sea Warrior. As a member of this elite special ops force responsible for maintaining peace and justice on the underwater planet Krador, he’ll be able to single-handedly elevate his family’s social status and pay for his sister’s expensive medical care.

His photographic memory secured him a scholarship to the prestigious Archan Academy where he trains for his commission alongside his best friend Makky. All he has to do now is pass his classes and stay one step ahead of the bully dogging his steps. Then Makky gets transferred to another school. When he calls convinced he’s under surveillance, Prok goes looking for answers and uncovers a plot to get Makky killed.

Unsure who to trust, Prok abandons his training and his dreams for the future to find and rescue his friend. But he quickly discovers the threat against Makky is just one cog in an even bigger scheme to destroy their entire civilization. It’s up to Prok to prevent disaster. But can he rescue his dreams, his friend, and his people?

My debut novel The Rescuer is Science-Fiction targeted at upper middle-grade readers, ages 12-14, and is complete at 56,000 words. It explores deep social justice issues through fast-paced adventure, strong characters, and close relationship bonds.

I developed a passion for writing in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea where my missionary parents raised me alongside a tribe of cannibals. To my knowledge, I’ve never eaten a human being. I have, however, been a ghost writer for blood-thirsty personal injury attorneys up and down the East Coast. I am also a member of SCBWI.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kari Hagen

THE RESCUER – Chapter One

The Common Room was crowded, but Prok Zandin sat alone at his usual table, tinkering with a small engine. He liked this spot for its proximity to the massive floor-to-ceiling window. Outside, the ocean pressed up against the clear crystal pane, sending a slight chill into the Common Room. From here, he could observe both the room and the watery expanse with minimal effort. Conversation buzzed around him as students worked on various projects and assignments or chatted with friends.

A shadow blocked the light and Prok’s heart sank.

Mavrick Denly stood across from him, surrounded by his usual friends and admirers. He placed his hands on the table, leaning forward to crowd Prok’s workspace.

“What a waste. Playing around with mechanics when you could be practicing flying or fighting. You know, the stuff Sea Warriors actually do.”

The air grew thick with tension as nearby students stopped what they were doing and waited for the fight they probably expected to come. Prok didn’t blame them. After all, he had taken a swing at Mavrick on their first day of Year Two.

Looking up, Prok locked eyes with Mavrick’s blue ones, the exact shade of navy as the synthe-suit he wore to represent his Bureaucrat Class. In contrast, Prok’s eyes were brown. They didn’t match the lighter brown of his Worker Class synthe-suit, but they didn’t need to.

“I hear Sea Warriors try to rely on diplomacy as much as fighting,” he said coolly.

The flush that rose to Mavrick’s cheeks made Prok smile, but the satisfaction would be short-lived. It wouldn’t take long for Mavrick to come up with another insult — he was top of their class, tied with Prok.

Sure enough, the next attack came quickly, accompanied with even more venom.