Dear Agent,

Daniel’s genius brother is missing, and after six years, the police have closed the case.

But eleven-year-old Daniel isn’t giving up. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to find Humboldt. Although he didn’t realise he’d end up in a bra, a boyband or a plot against the Prime Minister.

Luckily for Daniel he’s not left to struggle with his bra clasps, dance routines or political tyranny alone as he has best mate Thiago by his side. Their investigation leads them to the CIIA, an international organisation of child spies. Daniel’s brother was a member of the CIIA, which sent him on an undercover mission to uncover the truth about the Prime Minister’s new P.L.O.P. policy to rid the UK of its ‘undesirable’ children. A mission from which Humboldt never returned. Daniel and Thiago join the CIIA team and embark on a journey which will change them in ways they could never have imagined.  

DANIEL STRANGE AND THE PRIME MINISTER’S P.L.O.P is a humorous middle grade novel where science, politics and the power of celebrity collide.  It is complete at 54000 words.

Comparable books for tone and main characters who dare to be different would be M.G.Leonard’s ‘Beetle Boy’ and Maz Evan’s ‘Who let the Gods out?’. But in place of bugs and deities, the book has science, spies and terrible world leaders.

I have completed the Curtis Brown Children’s and YA writing course and I am a member of SCBWI. I was selected to be part of the #Authormentormatch and #WriteMentor programs to help edit this book. An early version of this story was longlisted in the Time ChickenHouse 2018 competition and I was shortlisted in #PeerPitch. I am a primary school teacher. I now live in Durham but grew up in Salisbury, which turns out to be a hotbed for Russian spies- who knew?

Thank you for your time,

Jenny Pearson


Big Shoes

“Commencing covert search number 16.” Daniel paused, doubt nibbling at the corners of his mind. “There has to be a clue—something. Doesn’t there?”

His best mate Thiago nodded. “You betcha! I’ve got a good feeling this time.”

Thiago always had a good feeling but maybe, just maybe, he was right. Daniel rolled his shoulders back. “Ready to run decoy if needed?”


Daniel gave him a fist bump and then opened his bedroom door. The coast was clear. His dad was on the phone talking in angry whispers again. His mum was banging about in the kitchen, boiling vegetables until they couldn’t fight back. He was good to go. “I’m going in.”

“Silent and stealthy,” Thiago whispered.

Daniel slipped onto the landing and commando rolled across the carpet to his brother’s door.

Thiago stuck two thumbs up and mouthed, “Sweet roll.”

Daniel took a breath, pushed down on the door handle and slipped inside. Humboldt’s room was strictly off limits. He was only allowed in when supervised. But so far, he hadn’t been caught. And his covert searches were too important to the investigation to let rules get in the way.

He closed the door quietly and tiptoed over to his brother’s desk. He pulled open the drawer and rummaged through. He was never sure what he was looking for, but he reckoned he’d know when he saw it. Of course, the police and his parents had searched his brother’s things and found nothing, but Daniel wasn’t about to give up. Not now. Not ever.