Dear WriteMentor Agents,

Please find attached the first page of my novel “The Far Side of the Galaxy”. This is a science fiction adventure story for readers aged 10 – 13.

When 13-year-old Daniel Armstrong plays around on his dad’s laptop, he discovers a strange new puzzle game. But when he solves the puzzle, his Dad explains that he works on a top-secret project for the United Nations, and that puzzle is a key part of the project. Invited to CERN to see the project for himself, Daniel discovers that the world’s largest science experiment is in fact a giant cage that has trapped a wormhole, deep underground, for nearly a decade. But now that cage is failing – and if the wormhole escapes it will tear the world apart.

Thinking that the puzzle he solved holds the key to fixing the cage, Daniel gets to work. But something goes wrong. The cage fails, and Daniel gets pulled into the wormhole. The good news is that he discovers how to fix the cage; the bad news is that he’s now stranded, across the stars, on the far side of the galaxy.

Together with a reluctant alien warrior, a neurotic high-tech robot and a scientist who died before Daniel was born, he must survive hostile environments, battle legendary creatures and defeat powerful enemies as he tries to find a way to get back home and save the world.

This is my first novel, complete at just over 67,000 words. While it is self-contained with a definite resolution, there are other stories to be told with these characters and I have sequel plans.

I would be happy to send on the full work should you like this sample.

Yours faithfully,

Glen Deakin


Chapter 1

Daniel stared through the cross-hairs of his rifles telescopic sight as he paused to catch his breath. Everything he had been through so far had led to this point. His eight-man squad was down to five, but Daniel had accounted for some loss when planning the mission. He knew he could rescue the prisoner with a team of five. Six would have been better; with eight it would have been a breeze. But, at a pinch, five would do it.

He cleared his throat and checked in with the squad. “Status report”, he growled.

“Rascal Two, clear.” That was Lucas, stationed at the cell-block entrance.

“Rascal Three, clear.” Jack, in the guard station, monitoring the cameras.

“Rascal Six, clear.” Mark, in a sniper’s position north of the compound.

“Rascal Seven, clear.” Andy, likewise, covering the south.

Daniel’s sights were also clear, the corridor ahead of him empty. He turned quickly on the spot making sure no one had crept up behind him, his eyes never leaving the cross-hairs. Nothing – his escape route was secure.

He switched his focus back to the prison cell in front of him. The cell contained two men, but Daniel was only here for one. A door of thick iron bars was now the only thing standing in his way. He signalled for the prisoners to take cover. The pair crouched down behind the mattresses that they had turned into a makeshift shield in the far corner of the cell.

Daniel pushed the ends of the detonator wires into the plastic explosive surrounding the door lock and retreated down the corridor, trailing the wires behind him. Pressing himself flat against the bars of the next-door cell, he clicked the button on the detonator now in his hand.

The C4 exploded with a loud crunch, firing the lock across the narrow passageway, where it clanged against the bars of the cell opposite. The sounds echoed around the corridor, ringing in Daniel’s ears as he scooted back to the cell and pushed open the mangled door.

“This is Rascal One”, he announced to his squad. “I have secured the package. We are Oscar Mike.” On the move. He signalled to the prisoners peering cautiously over the mattresses, telling his target to follow him, then raised his weapon and began a rapid advance towards the exit. As he moved, he mentally checked off each step in the escape plan.

East along the corridor. Turn left.

North to the guard station; pick up Rascal Three. Jack falls in covering the rear of the party and the trio turn right.

East toward the cell-block doors. There’s Rascal Two, Lucas, one hundred metres away, a shadow in the doorway.

Advance towards…


Something’s not right.

Daniel slowed his pace. He couldn’t put his finger on it but something was off.

An alarm suddenly blared out, a banshee howl that rose and fell like an air-raid siren.

The shadow raised its weapon. That’s when Daniel realised…

“Rascal Two?” he yelled.


“Rascal Two”, he repeated. “Report”.


Daniel toggled his HUD. The Heads-Up Display confirmed his fears: