Dear Participating Agents,

The Outworld Club, San Francisco’s most scandalous nightclub, has a secret. It’s run by government-sanctioned spies and assassins, who train teens in possession of uniquely volatile magic.

Eighteen-year-old Diana is Outworld’s top assassin, even if it takes her a few shots of tequila to forget what she’s done at the end of the day. When she’s given a surprising new assignment—protecting the flirtatious and brilliant tech billionaire Jason Goldstein from ongoing assassination attempts—she leaves her murderous past behind for Silicon Valley’s luxurious living.

As Diana protects Jason from poisonings and home invasions with her magic, their feelings for each other grow. Then Diana’s orders suddenly change. She must kill Jason or disobey a direct government order and be terminated from The Outworld Club. But she’s not ready to take a tequila shot and forget this time. Diana has a choice to make: kill Jason or run for her life.

OUTWORLD is Jessica Jones meets Chuck. This young adult contemporary fantasy is 82,000 words and will appeal to fans of Cassandra Clare and Sarah J. Maas. It is the first book in a duology.

I studied Media and Art History at NYU and spent several years working for Nickelodeon on their teen-oriented shows. I was a 2017 #NOQS mentee for another novel and a 2018 #WriteMentor mentee for this novel. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Cameryn Frost

First Page of OUTWORLD

The dead man’s blood soaked into Diana’s shirt, gushing fast. She needed to get him into position now.

Carrying him over her shoulder, Diana rounded the corner of the dark street at a run. Washington D.C.’s Venezuelan Embassy was finally in sight, brightly lit and buzzing, with the main entrance surrounded by people in formalwear. Diana hid in the shadows and mustered all her concentration before launching herself and the dead man over the side fence in a single jump.

She glanced down at the corpse named Harold. He didn’t look like a bad person, but she wasn’t one to judge on appearances. As she grunted and adjusted his heavy body, Harold’s shirt came untucked and his clammy stomach touched her bare neck. Her whole body prickled with instant goose bumps and she almost dropped him.

“Why do I always get the grossest assignments?” Diana muttered to herself. Her brow furrowed as she tried to pull the shirt back over his belly and balance his weight on her shoulder at the same time.

With Harold’s shirt finally in place, Diana crept slowly towards the building.

Deep breath and focus.

Heat rushed through her as her fingertips emanated a glowing light. She placed them on the embassy wall and they stuck like magnets as she pulled herself up a few feet. Climbing the wall without anywhere to grip, she made it to the third floor and peered through the window into an empty bedroom. Perfect.

The window lock clicked open easily with the slightest tap of her shining green fingertip and she dropped Harold inside with a thump.

Time for the real work now.

She hopped through the window and loosed a breath. The black hair on her head melted into her normal blue hair, which she tossed over her shoulder.

“A bit messier than I’d planned, but we’re going with it,” Diana said, shaking her head. Crouching down, familiar warm magic seeped through her muscles as she dipped her finger in Harold’s chest wound and gagged slightly. Her stomach gave an awful flop as the hot, sticky blood coated her finger. She flicked it across the white curtains and spattered the champagne silk duvet.