Dear Agents,

MILK MOON, is a humorous, MG novel complete at 40,000 words, where Wallace and Gromit, Curse of the Were-rabbit meets The Granny Project by Anne Fine.

Thirteen-year-old Prunille hoped the Milk Moon would heal Clemen-Gran’s stroke-damaged brain, not change her into a werecow.

With the help of her younger sister, Prunille discovers the local island of Toussaint might hold a cure to the ‘curse’. But when the nursing home manager senior-naps Clemen-Gran and brings her to the very same island to pursue her science experiments, the two sisters uncover a truth more complex than any were-legend. Clemen-Gran may not get out of this alive.

In this humorous tale of mystery and adventure, the two sisters must sail tumultuous waters to find the cure and rescue their gran from the dinner plate. Inspired by own experience of my father’s severe stroke, this novel examines family, grief, and reinventing yourself.  

I am a SCWBI member and a sub-editor for Words and Pictures online magazine. I won the first prize of the Children’s Funny Fiction Competition, Winchester Writers’ Festival 2018 for Milk Moon. The competition was judged by Stripes Publishing, who have requested to see the manuscript again when I’ve finished editing.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Anne Boyere


Cases of inhabitants of the island turning into werecows were first witnessed in 1897 by a traveller, whose name was not recorded. It is said that the transformations struck like an epidemic, sometimes following advanced signs such as grazing or mooing. The first change would often happen by the light of the full moon of May, the Milk Moon.

Cowpeople of the Island of Toussaint by Erasmus Pilliver


Prunille was still holding onto Clemen-Gran’s rules for the sake of old times, even though she was now thirteen and none of the rules made much sense anymore.  

An awful lot had changed since her grandmother’s stroke. Their grandmother’s house rules – as familiar as her burnt batches of jam – had been replaced by nursing home rules when she’d moved in last year. At least Prunille could pretend that some things were still the same, couldn’t she?

Before the stroke, rules were:

  1. Bring sweets, preferably sugared almonds.
  2. Don’t wear nice, clean clothes.
  3. If you’re wearing nice, clean clothes because your mother made you, for goodness sake bring a change!
  1. Bring something that you like to read  – even if it’s the list of ingredients on the Galettes Pur Beurre. Especially if it’s the ingredients on a FULL packet of Galettes Pur Beurre.
  2. Come armed  – Authorized: slime, water balloons, dry leaves collected on the way, last night’s leftover mash, homemade confetti. Unauthorized: anything sharp, anything glittery, anything to do with poo, anything that’s been in the fridge for more than a week, anything that belongs to someone else. New additions might be considered – submit two days in advance.

After the stroke, Clemen-Gran had only a bedroom, bathroom and small sitting room to herself. She had to share a dining area with the fifty-three other residents of Au Soleil Care Home for the Elderly. The rules were all about visiting times, and wiping your feet, and being quiet. And not bringing any sweets!

That wouldn’t do. That wouldn’t do at all. So Prunille came up with a plan.

Once a week, on a Friday or a Saturday night, Prunille and her younger sister Florence would sneak into the home to take their grandmother out for the night.

Clemen-Gran’s mission was to observe the comings and goings of the night staff in charge of the gates and visitors. She recorded everything on her phone by video – although sometimes she pressed the button at the wrong time and would record herself having a cup of tea or watching tv. Prunille and Florence test-walked the fastest route from their flat to the home and, when visiting Clemen-Gran during normal visiting times, spotted that the back door of Au Soleil had a broken lock.

The plan took shape.

And that was how, on a chilly Friday night of May, the shadowy shapes of Prunille, Florence and Clemen-Gran advanced slowly along the walls of Au Soleil for one of their secret outings, with a slight hobble in the case of Clemen-Gran.